Cleaning of Memorial Peace Park in Hiroshima

As part of its cultural sponsorship, Kärcher once again cleaned the Hiroshima Peace Park in Japan.

Kärcher cleaning project in the Peace Park in Hiroshima.
Cleaning the Memorial Peace Park in Hiroshima.

Just in time for the G7 summit in 2023, a Kärcher team got involved in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Japan. Hot water high-pressure cleaners, various sweepers and cordless vacuum cleaners were used to remove dirt from the area around the fountain and the memorial museum. The cleaning was free of charge as part of Kärcher's cultural sponsorship.

The Peace Park in Hiroshima is located at the epicenter of the atomic bombing and commemorates the disaster and its effects in a variety of ways. The centerpiece of the park is the cenotaph, a stone monument in the style of an arched roof, on which the names of the victims are engraved. It is surrounded by the water of the rectangular peace pond, in which the Flame of Peace is placed between two stone arms. Its "eternal fire" has been burning since 1964 and will only be extinguished when the earth is free of nuclear threats. Every year on August 6, a large commemoration ceremony is held at the Cenotaph, a call for international peace and a world without nuclear weapons.

The team, consisting of employees from Kärcher Japan, cleaned the pond with hot water pressure washers, pressure washers and wet/dry vacuum cleaners. At another monument in the park, the Fountain of Prayer, the outer wall and the areas in front of the structure were cleaned with high-pressure cleaners and a sweeper.

A team from Kärcher Japan cleans the Peace Park in Hiroshima.
Memorial Peace Park Hiroshima

All facts at a glance

Country: Japan
Place: Hiroshima

Kind of soiling: dirt from the street, biological growth
Cleaning technology: Hot-water high-pressure cleaner, Cold water high-pressure cleaning, Wet/dry vacuum cleaners, sweepers

Execution: May 2023

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