As part of its cultural sponsorship, Kärcher cleaned the floors of the Institut français in Stuttgart together with trainees.

Kärcher cleaning project at the Institut français in Stuttgart.
Cleaning of the carpeting in the Insitut francais by Kärcher.

Oiled oak, black linoleum and needle felt: as part of our cultural sponsorship, we gave the floors at the Institut français on Berliner Platz in Stuttgart a deep clean free of charge. While our cultural sponsorship projects usually involve natural stone surfaces on historical buildings such as churches, statues or fountains, the focus at the Institut français was on various floor coverings and seating furniture.

A special feature of this project was the support provided to the cleaning team by two Kärcher trainees. A prospective mechatronics technician and a mechatronics technician were involved in the four-day project. The idea: the trainees use the cleaning technology under real conditions and learn a lot about the ergonomics and use of the equipment.

"It was very instructive and interesting for me to be able to help with a cleaning task like this. We were able to develop a better relationship with our products and have gained an additional experience," says Laura Kipf, mechatronics apprentice at Kärcher.

Kärcher trainee Laura Kipf helps with cleaning at the Institut francais.
The Institut français in Stuttgart on Berliner Platz.

All facts at a glance

Country: Germany
Place: Stuttgart

Kind of soiling: typical soiling on interior floors
Cleaning technology: spray extraction cleaning, vacuum cleaning, scrubbing and polishing machines

Implementation: June 2023

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