Kärcher information for suppliers

The information and forms provided below serve to ensure more effective cooperation between Kärcher and you as a supplier.

Supplier management at Kärcher

For Kärcher and all connected companies, suppliers are an important factor for success. The seamless integration into our value creation chain ensures efficient cooperation and mutual benefit for Kärcher and its suppliers. Below we present our framework conditions, systems and quality assurance requirements, as well as the fundamentals of procurement. Click on this link to access the general supplier area.

Qualification Documents

In this area you will find all the documents and templates required for qualification as a Kärcher supplier: QSV, CoC, Declaration KN050.032 and others.

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Company Standards

This area provides all the relevant Kärcher company standards relevant for suppliers, as well as additional, generally valid specifications.

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APQP Documents

In this area you will find documents and templates on the topic of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).

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QM Methods & Tools

This area contains documents and templates on general QM methods and tools, which you can adapt to your own requirements.

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SAP Ariba Information

In this area you‘ll find detailled information / documents about SAP Ariba (e.g. Terms of Use, Supplier Guide,...)

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