Here you can find the FAQ regarding our Smart Control products

Initial startup

Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone. Connect the high-pressure cleaner to the power supply. Simultaneously press the + and - buttons on the Smart Control gun until symbols appear on the display of the gun.

Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and press the minus button on your gun for 10 seconds. As soon as the Bluetooth symbol on the gun stops flashing and is permanently visible, the connection is successful.

App & connectivity

No, the high-pressure cleaner can also be operated from the gun without an app.

There is no connection to a voice assistant for the high-pressure cleaners.

Yes, a device can be registered several times so it is available to different users.

The high-pressure cleaner can store a maximum of 5 different Bluetooth devices and automatically reconnect to them.

The connection between the app and the device is made via Bluetooth. The connection between the gun and the device is made via a standard 868 MHz radio band.

The radio and Bluetooth symbols on the gun display are shown continuously and do not flash.

Product & hardware

You can find the operating instructions enclosed in your device shipping box or online at

K 4, K 5 and K 7 models have an integrated suction mechanism and can therefore draw in water from alternative water sources. For this purpose, you also need the suction hose with filter (order no.: 2.643-100.0).

Attach the suction hose to the device at the water supply. Put the other end in the water butt. Connect the high-pressure hose to the device. Before you switch on the device, remove the spray lance from the gun. Press the lever on the gun so that it is open and now switch on your device. In this way, the air in the device can easily escape and the high-pressure cleaner starts to draw in the water. The device should not be positioned more than 0.5 m above the tapping point.

No. This function is offered by the devices of the Compact series.

Yes, this is possible. It is advisable to put a waterproof film under the device before transporting.

Kärcher high-pressure cleaners can operate at an input temperature of up to 40 °C.

The device needs a “warm-up phase” for 30 seconds until boost mode is available. Alternatively: Please check the temperature of the water; boost can only be triggered when the motor temperature is low.

Application areas & tips

An electrically operated pump works in a high-pressure cleaner, which increases the water pressure many times over ─ up to 195 bar. With this pressure, water is transported through the high-pressure hose to a lance, where it emerges as a sharp, focused jet from a nozzle and, thus, develops substantial cleaning power. If the hand trigger gun is not operated, the pump switches off automatically. This means you can do your cleaning work faster than with conventional methods and you also have low water consumption.

Depending on the model, Kärcher high-pressure cleaners for private use have a flow rate of between 230 and 600 l/h (for comparison: Around 3,500 litres of water flow through a garden hose every hour.). The high-pressure cleaner is easy on the wallet and the environment.

Kärcher recommends a distance to the object to be cleaned of between 12 and 40 cm.

Check the wireless and Bluetooth connection on the gun display. Re-pair the gun if either or both of the icons are flashing or are not displayed.

Accessories & detergents

No. The detergent has a boiling point that is well above the temperature to which the detergent is exposed when used and stored as intended.

You can find suitable accessories for your device in our Kärcher accessories finder at, in our online shop or in specialist shops.

Kärcher detergents are not aggressive towards the environment, humans or animals, but we do strongly advise against drinking them in concentrated form or water that has been mixed with detergent.

Kärcher detergents are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and specially developed for our products. We cannot ensure the cleaning effectiveness of other detergent brands. Never use bleach with a high-pressure cleaner!

Care & maintenance

Two AAA batteries are required. Press the slide on the right and left of the gun cover until the battery compartment pops open.

When used properly, Kärcher high-pressure cleaners are maintenance-free.

Spare parts can be purchased from the Kärcher homepage or from licensed dealers.

Disconnect the device from the water supply. Turn on the device and press the gun lever until no more water comes out of the device. Switch off the device and stow the accessories, high-pressure hose and cables on the device. The device should be stored in a temperature-protected place during the winter.

The high-pressure cleaner should be stowed in a dry place protected from the cold, e.g. in a garage. After cleaning, the device should be switched off and the water pressure bled by removing the high-pressure gun from the device. The spray lances, high-pressure hose and cable should be stowed on the device.

Unscrew the water connection from the device by hand, pull out the sieve with flat-nose pliers and clean under running water. Then insert the sieve again and screw on the water connection.


Kärcher grants private customers a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase to cover material and production defects. The proof of purchase serves as a warranty certificate. Please note that your warranty will be void if you use your device for purposes other than intended (e.g. commercial use of a Home & Garden device) and if you open up your device or carry out repairs yourself.


Submit your online repair order in just a few steps:

  1. Register on the > myKärcher customer portal.
  2. Fill out the online repair order; we will need the following information from you:
    Your device data
    Your warranty data: In the case of repairs outside of the warranty period, we will immediately show you the repair price (clear case).
  3. Print out the repair documents and send them to us with the faulty device. You have the choice of using our convenient collection service or dropping off the package at the nearest GLS parcel shop.
    You will receive regular status updates on your repair on the myKärcher customer portal.
    You can also contact one of our service partners,
    who are there for you throughout Germany (including in your area). The service partner will then inspect your device and give you details on the repair costs. The repair costs at our service partners can differ from our fixed price.

    > Find a service partner
    Please tick “Home & Garden” and then “Service”.

    > More information as well as clear case and warranty conditions

You will find the link to the Kärcher service portal directly in the FAQ section.

Switch on the device and remove the gun; the device should start. If this is not the case, check whether the voltage specified on the type plate corresponds/is identical to the voltage of the power source. Alternatively, check the mains plug for damage. After a long period of use, the motor may overheat and may need a cool-down phase of 60 minutes.

Voltage drop due to a weak mains grid or when using an extension cable. Solution: When switching on, first press the lever on the high-pressure gun and then switch on the device.

This problem can have 4 causes:

  1. The device is getting too little water: In this case, check the water supply.
  2. The water filter is dirty: Clean the water filter.
  3. There is air in the device: Switch on the device without a connected spray lance for a maximum of 2 minutes, press the high-pressure gun and wait until water emerges from the high-pressure gun without bubbles. Subsequently connect the spray lance.
  4. During vacuuming operations, note the max. suction height (see chapter "Technical data") in the operating instructions.

Disconnect the spray lance from the gun and rinse it out with tap water; dirt may have built up. Alternatively, clean the nozzle in the spray lance with a thin needle.

The device leaks a small amount for technical reasons. If the leak is severe, request authorised Customer Service.

Please check the charge status of the batteries. Alternatively, perform the pairing to the high-pressure cleaner again; see FAQ "How can I pair my gun with the device?".

Disconnect the device from the mains for at least 60 seconds and then start the pairing process again on the gun; see FAQ "How can I pair my gun to the device?".

Check that the water you are using is clean and that the high-pressure cleaner is getting enough water. Alternatively, check the installed water filter for blockages.

Remove, clean and reassemble the wheels. If this does not help, check to see if any part of the wheel mount is broken.

Check whether the battery in the gun is flat. If this doesn't help, please contact Support.

Turn off the device immediately and contact Support.

Turn off the device and contact Support.

For K 2 and K 3, the telescopic handle can be simply inserted. For K 4, K 5 and K 7, please contact Support.

Turn the 3-in-1 Multi Jet spray lance to the "MIX" detergent nozzle setting. Also check that the Plug ‘n’ Clean detergent bottle is sitting correctly with the opening facing down in the detergent connection.