Kärcher  High pressure

High pressure

Fast, efficient, thorough and resource-saving: high-pressure cleaning, in combination with perfectly coordinated cleaning agents, is also impressive in the case of very demanding cleaning tasks.

Kärcher  Surface


The environment-friendly products for manual cleaning ensure maximum and fast cleaning power, but which is still gentle on surfaces, for all typical dirt.

Kärcher  Floor


Thanks to their great effectiveness, Kärcher FloorPro cleaning agents ensure effortless and time-saving floor cleaning. At the same time, cleaning machines and surfaces are optimally protected.

Kärcher  Carpet


The CarpetPro line with innovative iCapsol technology is ideal for the gentle and effective cleaning of textile surfaces, reduces drying times and prevents recontamination.

Kärcher  Parts


Highly effective parts cleaner, specially developed for extreme demands in industry for cleaning power, surface protection and elimination of residues before coating or final assembly.

Kärcher  Water


For fault-free operation of the systems and good conditioning results, we offer tried and tested treatment chemicals – optimised for each special use and type of system.

Kärcher  Vehicle


Economical, precisely coordinated and thorough, even with difficult vehicle contours: our VehiclePro products are impressive in combination with our Pine Active fragrance concept and ensure optimum results.

Kärcher  Tank/container


With solutions individually adjusted to our customers' requirements and optimum performance, our TankPro series is impressive for the cleaning of tank and container systems.

Kärcher  Sanitary areas

Sanitary areas

Efficient cleaning agents for sanitary surfaces and toilets. For the reliable removal of dirt, limescale and grease residues in maintenance and deep cleaning.

Kärcher  Other accessories for cleaning machines

Other accessories for cleaning machines

Our accessories are ideal for the precise and efficient filling, dosing and dispensing of the cleaning agents, and ensure rapid and ergonomical working.

PressurePro Natural Active Cleaner RM 82N

The powerful alkaline high-pressure detergent from Kärcher made from renewable ingredients removes even stubborn dirt using the power of nature.

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