Equipment management

Your connection to the future.

Kärcher Fleet Management becomes Kärcher Equipment Management. Why? Because our new Connect modules have much more to offer than pure fleet management.

Activate the new economic potential for yourself. With the easy-to-retrofit Connect modules, you can network your existing machines and therefore ensure lower operating costs and more cleaning performance.


Changes everything.

Without you having to change anything.

One and the same fleet, but with completely new benefits. To get the most out of your equipment, you don’t need to put much into it. Our Connect modules are all you need to digitise existing equipment. This turns a small investment into a big gain because with intelligently networked equipment, you can maximise cleaning power and minimise your operating costs.


Proven cleaning power. Only smarter.

With Equipment Management, you get full control and a complete overview. From now on, you always know where your machines are and can check their status from anywhere. You don’t need any special knowledge to do this, just your own Kärcher customer account. Here you will find all the information, which you can then use as a basis for optimising your processes.

Kärcher Scrubber Drier B 50 W

Online right away: The benefits.

Equipment Management connects your equipment to the web – and you to a whole new set of benefits.

Easier to manage

Easier to manage.

From paperwork to digital business: Instead of laboriously collecting device data manually, all information is available to you automatically and in real time. This saves a lot of time and effort when it comes to fleet management and makes it a lot more fun.

Clean more efficiently

Clean more efficiently.

Track potential savings: The live transmission allows you to locate equipment that was thought to be lost and improve your entire fleet's usage. This reduces idle time and increases your profit.

Inspire more easily

Inspire more easily.

Trust is good, transparency is better: Thanks to Equipment Management, you can seamlessly monitor how well cleaning schedules are being adhered to and prove it at any time. This is how you ensure optimum cleaning quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

The solution for every cleaning task.

No matter where you work and which devices you use – Equipment Management shows off its strengths everywhere.

Makes office work fun.

Smooth cleaning for continuous office operations: With our Connect modules, you not only know when a certain area is being cleaned, but you can also organise the cleaning work in such a way that neither the office staff nor their workflow is disrupted. Even compact machines can be easily retrofitted so that you can assign each of your devices to whatever they have to clean.

BR 35/12 can be used in offices and hotels

A perfect cleaning schedule always on hand.

More efficiency per square meter: In warehouses, large areas must be kept clean. Even small planning errors can make a major difference to the efficiency. But with Equipment Management, you know exactly which scrubber or vacuum sweeper is best suited for which job. This is how you optimise your operating costs and ensure the best cleaning performance possible.

Kärcher BD in a warehouse

Far away but not gone.

With Equipment Management, you don’t lose anything except a lot of your worries. Thanks to the geofencing feature, an alarm is triggered immediately if a vacuum sweeper or any other piece of equipment leaves the specified operating area. This effectively protects your business against theft and loss. You also receive regular cleaning reports via a subscription function, so that you can ensure your fleet is even more profitable in the future.

Kärcher KM 100/120

The future – available for upgrading.

Connect modules are easy to install and transform today’s equipment into tomorrow’s digital cleaning fleet.



Make light work of digital transformation.

With Kärcher, you can bring your cleaning business into the digital age in just a few steps.


Step 1: Contact us – our service technicians will install the appropriate Connect modules in your equipment for you.

Step 2: Create a free customer account for the intuitive Equipment Management web portal.

Step 3: Get an instant overview of all equipment and data – from operating hours to equipment location.

Step 4: Save time and money on unnecessary site visits from day one, avoid piles of documents and reduce paper consumption.

Step 5: Customise data reporting to your needs and continuously improve the profitability of your fleet.

Screenshot Kärcher Equipment Management Workspace

The upgrade for your Equipment Management.

The scalable soniq IQ ecosystem makes professional cleaning even smarter. The all-in-one software solution combines everything that professionals need into four modules – from fleet management and personnel management to sensor-controlled cleaning planning. This saves you even more time and money and enables you to further optimise your processes and improve customer satisfaction.

soniq IQ screenshot on a laptop and mobile phone

The best connection to the future.

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