HG 43

Thanks to the efficient and low-emission burner technology with 43 kW heat output, our HG 43 hot water generator can convert all high-pressure cleaners into effective hot water machines.

The cost-effective solution for upgrading existing cold water high-pressure cleaners: our HG 43 hot water generator is compatible with every high-pressure cleaner on the market, regardless of whether or not it is a Kärcher machine. Age and performance are irrelevant here. Using hot water for high-pressure cleaning saves on detergent, significantly speeds up and improves the cleaning results and comes into its own particularly in the removal of greasy and oily dirt and encrustations. Furthermore, the working pressure can be reduced in order to protect sensitive surfaces whilst retaining the same cleaning performance. The technically advanced burner technology with 43 kW output ensures high efficiency with low emission values. Our tried-and-tested safety technology with safety block featuring a pressure switch, the protection against water deficiency, along with an integrated Soft Damping System for protecting the heating coil from vibrations, ensure a long lifetime. All machine components are designed for long-term use while a stable tubular frame also enables use under tougher conditions.

Features and benefits
 HG 43: Durable and robust
Durable and robust
 HG 43: Increased cleaning performance thanks to hot water
Increased cleaning performance thanks to hot water
 HG 43: Especially easy to maintain
Especially easy to maintain
Very easy to use

Technical data

Heating output (kW) 43
Temperature (for supply 12 °C) (°C) max. 80
55 °C ∆ T @ (l/h) 600
Weight without accessories (kg) 88,1
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 100,5
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1000 x 850 x 1080
 HG 43
 HG 43
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