HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1

The HDS 13/20 trailer operates at pressures of 200 bar and is the perfect solution for mobile, self-sufficient hot water cleaning at high pressure. Ideal not only for everyday cleaning in the municipal sector, but also for industry and construction.

The HDS 13/20 hot water high-pressure cleaner with trailer base offers pressures of 200 bar and features extraordinary mobility and an independent operational capability. The machine is characterised by its high efficiency, reliability and ease of servicing, and on top of this is simple and convenient to operate. The HDS 13/20 can be configured according to requirements and is therefore extremely flexible. The machine is ideal for the most varied applications, for example in construction, industry or in the municipal sector.

Features and benefits
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1: Maximum efficiency
Maximum efficiency
Proven and highly efficient burner technology. Heat recovery through use of waste heat from the engine. Environmentally-friendly operation and low operating costs thanks to Kärcher's eco!efficiency mode.
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1: Easy operation
Easy operation
The machine is easy to operate using a central selector switch. Easy to set up and dismantle thanks to two optional hose reels in the control area. Safe and ample storage for protective gear, accessories and cleaning agents.
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1: Self-sufficient application
Self-sufficient application
Large 500 l water tank for up to 30-minute cleaning applications with full water performance. With 100 l diesel tank – ideal for long work assignments. Powerful Yanmar diesel engines allow the machine to be used independently of any power source.
High flexibility
  • Thanks to its configurability, each trailer can be custom-made according to customer requests.
  • Available as Skid or Cab variant for mobile application as a trailer or as a stationary solution.
  • A large hood enables service staff to access the internal components more easily.
Easy servicing
  • Sophisticated service software for rapid fault diagnosis during servicing.
  • Tried-and-tested high-quality Kärcher components guarantee a long lifetime.
  • Includes: Water softening system to protect the heating coil against calcification.
  • Numerous safety functions protect the HDS trailer against damage in the case of an error.
  • Integrated frost protection mode to protect all components in cold exterior temperatures.
  • Proven and highly efficient burner technology.

Technical data

Drive type Diesel
Motor manufacturer Yanmar
Engine rating (kW/hp) 19 / 26
Flow rate (l/h) 900 - 1300
Pressure (bar/MPa) 60 - 200 / 6 - 20
Consumption of heating oil in eco!efficiency mode (kg/h) 8,2
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 3646 x 1747 x 1735

Scope of supply

  • Spray gun: EASY!Force Advanced
  • High-pressure hose: 30 m
  • Spray lance: 1050 mm
  • Power nozzle
  • Servo control
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1
HDS Trailer HDS 13/20 De Tr1
Application areas
  • Municipal (cleaning public open spaces, traffic routes, removing graffiti and chewing gum)
  • Construction (cleaning construction machines, scaffolding, casing, equipment)
  • Industrial cleaning (removing paint and coatings, cleaning machines, parts and equipment)
Configurable components
The low-pressure hose reel has a hose capacity of up to 30 metres, including 30-metre low-pressure hose. Other benefits: Comfortable crank, great flexibility when filling trailer and the option to protect the hose against frost simply and conveniently.
Maximum flexibility during high-pressure cleaning: Thanks to the greatly extended operating radius, the convenient-to-use high-pressure hose reel attachment kit for the HDS trailer from Kärcher can house up to 50 metres of high-pressure hose, allowing cleaning tasks to be performed large distances from the trailer and protecting the hose during storage and transportation.
The high-pressure hose reel can be used instead of the low-pressure hose reel. This allow 2 users to work comfortably at the same time. There is also a large range thanks to a hose capacity of 50 metres. The high-pressure hose must be ordered separately.
The two-spray lance operation allows 2 users to work comfortably. For the configuration with only 1 high-pressure hose reel, a second hose can be attached to the trailer at any time. For the configuration with 2 high-pressure hose reels, it is possible for each user to work with a hose reel independently of each other.
The basic machine in the skid version has a frame, without protective hood and water tank. The machine is extremely space-saving, including 20-litre water tank. 
The cab version includes the water tank and large fuel tank and can be used in a fixed position or as an assembly on a vehicle, like a pick-up, platform or van. The hoods protect the technical components and the control panel reliably against external influences. The basic machine with hood and water tank is provided without a drawbar.
The trailer version is not only mobile and compact, but also impresses with a high degree of flexibility and is completely self-sufficient thanks to the on-board water and fuel. The basic machine is equipped with a hood, water tank, chassis and drawbar.
The shock absorbers for the trailer version increase the driving stability and are a prerequisite for the approval of the trailer at higher driving speeds.
The speed control for HDS trailers from Kärcher: The ergonomic gas lever allows simple control of the engine speed and the pressure up to 200 bar for steam operation or weed removal.
Steam mode allows work in the steam stage up to 155 °C water temperature. Particularly suitable for cleaning and disinfection of larger areas, as the high temperatures also reliably remove stubborn dirt and neutralise a variety of pathogens.
The operating mode for weed removal generates constantly high temperatures for the effective removal of weeds and is also environmentally friendly. No chemicals are used and the water is heated to more than 90 °C.
Cleaning agents