HDS 13/35 De Tr1

The HDS 13/35 trailer can be used self-sufficiently and reaches pressures of 350 bar. It is the perfect solution for hot water high-pressure cleaning in the municipal sector, at construction sites and in industry.

The real trump card of the HDS 13/35 is its mobility. The hot water high-pressure cleaner generates pressures of 350 bar, works entirely independently of any power source and is therefore completely flexible in terms of its application – for example on construction sites, in industry and in the municipal sector. The freely configurable cleaning machine is an absolute all-rounder thanks to its reliability, efficiency, ease of servicing and operating comfort.

Features and benefits
 HDS 13/35 De Tr1: Maximum efficiency
Maximum efficiency
Highly efficient, tried-and-tested burner technology. Heat recovery through use of waste heat from the engine. Environmentally-friendly operation and low operating costs thanks to Kärcher's eco!efficiency mode.
 HDS 13/35 De Tr1: Easy operation
Easy operation
The machine is easy to operate using a central selector switch. Two optional hose reels in operating area allow easy set-up and dismantling. Safe and ample storage for protective gear, accessories and cleaning agents.
 HDS 13/35 De Tr1: Self-sufficient application
Self-sufficient application
Large 500-litre water tank for cleaning applications of up to 30 minutes at full water power. 100-litre diesel tank: ideal for long periods of use. Powerful Yanmar diesel engines allow the machine to be used independently of any power source.
High flexibility
  • Thanks to its configurability, each trailer can be custom-made according to customer requests.
  • Skid and Cab versions make different uses possible: mobile or stationary.
Ease of servicing
  • A large hood enables service staff to access the internal components more easily.
  • Sophisticated service software for rapid fault diagnosis during servicing.
  • Tried-and-tested high-quality Kärcher components guarantee a long lifetime.
  • Includes: Water softening system to protect the heating coil against calcification.
  • Numerous safety functions protect the HDS trailer against damage in the case of an error.
  • Integrated frost protection mode to protect all components in cold exterior temperatures.

Technical data

Drive type Diesel
Motor manufacturer Yanmar
Flow rate (l/h) 650 - 1300
Pressure (bar/MPa) 100 - 350 / 10 - 35
Consumption of heating oil in eco!efficiency mode (kg/h) 9,3
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 3646 x 1747 x 1735


  • Spray gun, Industry
  • High-pressure hose, 30 m
  • Spray lance, 700 mm
  • Power nozzle
  • Pressure adjustment over speed regulation
 HDS 13/35 De Tr1
 HDS 13/35 De Tr1
 HDS 13/35 De Tr1
 HDS 13/35 De Tr1
Application areas
  • Municipal (cleaning public open spaces, traffic routes, removing graffiti and chewing gum)
  • Construction (cleaning construction machines, scaffolding, casing, equipment)
  • Industrial cleaning (removing paint and coatings, cleaning machines, parts and equipment)
Cleaning agents