Velook Lampo frame, 40 cm

Lampo frame with strap tape system and universal clips, with Jack Lampo for ø 23 mm handles.

Flat mopping system with frame with strap tape system, to be used either pre-soaked, soaked on demand with soaking station or with handles with tank. Ideal for high-performance professional cleaning.


Technical data

Programme ADVANCED
Floor type Hard floors
Textile attachment Hook&Loop
Material PA / Fibreglass / PP
Working width (cm) 40
Quantity (piece(s)) 1
Packaging unit (piece(s)) 10
Package weight (kg) 0,4
Dimensions (L × W) (mm) 385 x 95
Dimensions, packaged (mm) 385 x 95 x 230
Application areas
  • Floor - wet cleaning