Microfibre mop, loop, 40cm

Universal microfibre mop with loops and flap. For use with the flat mop system with bucket and press from Kärcher.

The loops of this mop cloth are made entirely of high-quality microfibre. In connection with their even distribution across the entire inner area of the cloth, this guarantees optimal dirt dissolving power and moisture absorption of the mop. This makes it perfect for cleaning in all areas with a high volume of dirt, as well as on uneven floors – also in industry. The clever flap prevents any skin contact by the cleaning personnel during or after cleaning. In addition, the microfibre mop has a total of 4 loops in the colours blue, red, yellow and green. With this colour-coded system the mop can be clearly assigned to a certain part to be cleaned and cross-contamination is effectively prevented – the loops that are not required are simply cut off. The microfibre mop is perfect for use in the flat mop system with double bucket trolley or single bucket trolley and press.


Technical data

Programme CLASSIC
Floor type Hard floors / Resilient floors
Floor structure Smooth and highly structured
Dirt level Low to middle
Textile usage Reusable textiles
Working width (cm) 40
Textile attachment Flaps
Material 80% PET / 20% PA
Textile material microfibre
Manufacturing type PET-Woven carrier fabric with sewed-on loops
Textile structure Loop pile
Washing temperature (°C) max. 90
Washing recommendation (°C) 60
Dryer temperature (°C) 60
Wash cycles* approx. 300
Quantity (piece(s)) 1
Packaging unit (piece(s)) 25
Weight per product / Weight per m² (g) 160
Dimensions (L × W) (mm) 400 / 130

*Compliance with or use of recommended temperatures and detergents. In addition, the use of a dryer, especially at higher temperatures, may reduce the life considerably.

Application areas
  • Floor - wet cleaning
  • Floor washroom - wet cleaning
Cleaning agents