Kentucky mop with tape, 400 g

The tried-and-tested mop system with Kentucky mop holder from Kärcher. Perfect for cleaning situations when the fibres need to be wrung out frequently, such as when removing residual contamination.

Tried and tested, simple to use and highly effective: the mop system with detachable Kentucky mop holder and tape from Kärcher. The tape ensures the spaghetti mop keeps its shape during washing, thereby extending its lifetime. The environmentally friendly Kentucky mop, made from natural materials, absorbs a lot of cleaning solution, making it perfectly suited to cleaning uneven surfaces and removing residual contamination. These properties also come into their own in areas with many obstacles.


Technical data

Programme CLASSIC
Floor type Hard floors / Resilient floors
Floor structure Smooth and lightly structured
Dirt level High
Textile usage Reusable textiles
Textile attachment Mop clamp
Material 100% Cotton
Textile material 100% Cotton
Washing temperature (°C) max. 60
Quantity (piece(s)) 1
Packaging unit (piece(s)) 50
Weight per product / Weight per m² (g) 400
Compatible machines
Application areas
  • Floor - wet cleaning
Cleaning agents