Microfiber mop, short fibre, 40 cm

Microfibre mop, 40 × 13 cm, with short-pile loops in classic pocket version. For use with the flat mop system from Kärcher or according to the preconditioning method.

Thanks to fine microfibres with impressive dust intake, dirt pick-up and moisture absorption with one-step wiping on smooth and slightly structured floors: The microfibre mop, short fibres, from Kärcher. The well-balanced sliding properties of the cloth allow effortless working and therefore make possible longer, fatigue-free applications. The mop has sewn corners and a total of 4 loops in the colours blue, red, yellow and green. With this colour-coded system the cloth can be clearly assigned to a certain part to be cleaned and cross-contamination is effectively prevented – the loops that are not required are simply cut off. The cloth is suitable both for use in the flat mop system with double bucket trolley or single bucket trolley and press as well as for preconditioned applications. Pour 180 percent of the cleaning fleet of the dead weight over the mop cloth. A second step for dry wiping of the area is generally not necessary for both methods.


Technical data

Programme STANDARD
Floor type Hard floors / Resilient floors
Floor structure Smooth and lightly structured
Dirt level Low to heavy
Textile usage Reusable textiles
Working width (cm) 40
Textile attachment Pockets
Material 85% PET / 15% PA
Textile material microfibre
Manufacturing type Pile knitted fabric (Cleaning layer)
Textile structure Loop pile
Washing temperature (°C) max. 90
Washing recommendation (°C) 60
Dryer temperature (°C) 60
Wash cycles* approx. 300
Quantity (piece(s)) 1
Packaging unit (piece(s)) 25
Weight per product / Weight per m² (g/g/m²) 95 / 440
Dimensions (L × W) (mm) 460 / 145

*Compliance with or use of recommended temperatures and detergents. In addition, the use of a dryer, especially at higher temperatures, may reduce the life considerably.

 Microfiber mop, short fibre, 40 cm
Application areas
  • Floor - wet cleaning
  • Floor washroom - wet cleaning
Cleaning agents