Kärcher Battery Power battery platform

No power connection nearby ? Want to avoid the clutter of cables? Not a problem with battery-powered garden tools and cleaning devices that use the Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery system. Maximum flexibility to clean anywhere, any time.

Discover our Real Time Technology that will never leave you in the lurch

Bring back the WOW to your kingdom. Here, outside the gates of your castle, you're the ruler of your kingdom, the conqueror of weeds. You reign masterfully, shoring up the splendor of your lawn with the help of powerful, battery-powered Kärcher garden tools and cleaning devices.

Thanks to Real Time Technology, an overview of the remaining run time in minutes is available at any time. Unlike conventional LED displays, this technology provides a detailed display of the operating status and charge level.

Kärcher Battery Power features

Water protection, automatic storage mode, intelligent cell monitoring, efficient temperature management: these are just some of the many features that set apart all Kärcher Battery Power batteries on our 18 V battery platforms. Find out about the particular features and advantages of Kärcher high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

High-performance lithium-ion cells and a perfectly balanced electronics system make Kärcher batteries especially powerful. With no annoying cable, battery-powered devices offer maximum freedom of movement and are ready for use in no time at all. What's more, the batteries also withstand the extreme conditions that they undergo during use in cleaning devices and garden tools. Kärcher batteries provide a stable and secure energy source, even when in contact with spray water in pressure washers and medium-pressure washers or during temporary peak loads such as in chainsaws.


The Kärcher Battery Power platforms

Would you rather have maximum power or less weight? Kärcher has the right battery platform for any performance requirement. As a rule of thumb: when maximum performance is required and large areas need work on, the 36 V Kärcher Battery Power batteries will come out on top. The 18 V batteries are lighter, more compact and affordable. The advantage of the Kärcher Battery Universe is that devices and batteries can be combined in any way within a voltage class, even with Kärcher Professional devices and batteries.

18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform

The 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform comprises compact and handy products for maintaining and cleaning small and medium-sized gardens and outdoor areas. In addition to the 18 V Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable batteries with 2.5 Ah and 5.0 Ah, there is also the 3.0 Ah Battery Power+ battery. All 18 V batteries can be used in all 18 V devices. Whether in Kärcher battery lawn mowers, battery wet and dry vacuum cleaners or battery weed removers, the batteries can be exchanged quickly and easily, and can therefore be used flexibly at any time.

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Products on the Kärcher Battery Power battery platform (USA lineup)

Whether for garden maintenance or in cleaning devices, the 18 V Battery Power batteries can be used in a wide variety of Kärcher products. Learn about the devices and find the right product for your battery.

Kärcher cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Battery wet and dry vacuum cleaners (Coming Spring 2024)

No cable. No limit. With the Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable batteries and the diverse battery wet and dry vacuum cleaners, wet and dry dirt can be vacuumed at any time – even in places where there is no power outlet.

Kärcher battery lawn trimmer

Battery lawn trimmer (Summer 2024)

The Kärcher battery lawn trimmers ensure neatly cut corners and a perfect lawn edge. From easy to powerful, Kärcher offers the right solution for every area of application.

Kärcher battery hedge trimmer

Battery hedge trimmer (Summer 2024)

Perfect for shaping and trimming hedges and bushes. Thanks to the battery operation, it's quiet, practical and has no bothersome cable.

Kärcher battery leaf blowers and blower vacs

Battery leaf blowers (Summer 2024)

Take the autumn garden by storm. The battery-powered Kärcher leaf blowers and blower vacs ensure tidy paths and gardens in no time at all.

Kärcher battery weed removers

Battery weed remover (Summer 2024)

No weeds can flourish when this battery weed remover gets to work. Dry moss and weeds can be eliminated effortlessly at the surface without causing back pain.