Cleaning Solutions For Schools & Education

Good prospects for success. Education is the most important raw material for the future. The quality of education and training increasingly determines the competitiveness and general prosperity of states and each child. Consequently, substantial sums of money are invested in educational facilities and their operation. In order to secure these investments and achieve a positive learning environment, these facilities require continuous maintenance using professional cleaning technology. The Kärcher system offers convincing solutions for any cleaning task in public educational facilities: perfectly-tailored machines, accessories and cleaning detergents. They are powerful, efficient and cost-effective thanks to innovative technology, low consumption and durability.

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Complete Cleaning Solutions For Schools

Schools aim to grow smart and successful students. Kids need to be in attendance to advance in their studies. Better attendance is a result of a clean learning environment. Our mission is to assist you with planting the seed for success. Use Kärcher's extensive line of scrubbers, sweepers, pressure washers, and steam cleaners to create a safe and clean environment for your staff and students alike.

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Exterior of school

Building Exteriors

School Entrance and Lobby


Restoring schools floors with Karcher

Common Areas

Mister cleaning school drinking fountain

Hallways & Fountains

Women cleaning classroom floor with Kärcher cleaning equipment


Women cleaning restroom with Kärcher BD 50/50


Vacuuming in a school office with Windsor Sensor S2

Offices & Lounges

Tables and chairs in cafeteria

Kitchen & Cafeteria

Windsor Armada cleaning school library

Library & Computer Lab

Gymnasium floor and basket ball hoop

Gymnasium & Pool

School science lab cleaned by Karcher BR 45 22 C

Science Lab & Specialty Rooms

School Theater clean with Windsor VacPac vacuum

Theater & Music Halls

Outdoor school playground


Vacuuming school bus

Buses & Bus Barns

Recommended Equipment

Recommended Detergent