As part of its cultural sponsorship program, Kärcher cleaned the two fountains on Stuttgart's Schlossplatz. Two experts from the family-owned company from Winnenden removed stubborn lime scale deposits from the surfaces of the cast-iron water features with high-pressure cleaners – the first step in a series of extensive restoration measures. The cleaning work took place in close cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and the Stuttgart Office of the State Agency for Property and Construction, Baden-Württemberg.

Two professional HD 9/50 Ge Cage-type high-pressure cleaners were used for the cleaning project. With water pressure of 5,800 PSI, the application specialists relied on the mechanical effect of the high-pressure jet. This means that no cleaning detergent were needed.

The two Schlossplatz fountains were cleaned in parallel, for safety reasons, only one person can work on an object at any one time. In order to reach every nook and cranny, two scaffolds were erected for the duration of the work.

The fountains, which were built in honor of William I of Württemberg, have graced Stuttgart's Schlossplatz since 1863. Its fountains empty into a large round basin via two embellished bowls. The two landmarks are popular sights for tourists and visitors to Königstraße in Stuttgart.