Microfibre hook-and-loop mop, glass, 30cm

Lint- and streak-free cleaning: With the high-quality microfibre hook-and-loop mop, which matches the 30 cm hook-and-loop holder, you can clean all shiny surfaces in next to no time. 

The microfibre hook-and-loop, which matches the 30 cm hook-and-loop holder, cleans all smooth and shiny surfaces such as glass effectively and without leaving any residue. The fine, high-quality microfibres remove even the smallest of particles, offer excellent dirt pick-up and thereby ensure a streak- and lint-free result. The hook-and-loop mop can be used both preconditioned and with the spray method.


Technical data

Programme ADVANCED
Textile usage Reusable textiles
Textile material 80% PET / 20% PA
Manufacturing type Circular knitted fabric
Washing temperature (°C) max. 90
Washing recommendation (°C) 60
Dryer temperature (°C) 60
Wash cycles* approx. 250
Quantity (piece(s)) 1
Packaging unit (piece(s)) 5
Weight per product / Weight per m² (g/g/m²) 24 / 215
Dimensions (L × W) (cm) 30 x 10,5
Application areas
  • Surface - glass cleaning
Cleaning agents