From the small municipal vehicle to the large implement carrier: Kärcher municipal machines impress all year round in tough day-to-day use between garden maintenance and winter service. Thanks to our close cooperation with well-known manufacturers of implements, our machines are largely compatible with their machines. We also offer a vast range of clever and highly functional implements - e.g. for mobile and autonomous high-pressure cleaning, weed removal or irrigation.

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Kärcher Municipal WRS 200 implements in use

Versatility is always in season

As with many other applications, weed removal is a seasonal business. You can use your equipment flexibly and with versatility. The WRS 200 mounted on a Kärcher implement carrier does not require any external power or water supply. It can therefore also be used in remote areas.

Automatic descaling system

The continuous and automatic descaling is the ideal way to protect the burner against calcification. Our PressurePro Machine Protector RM 110 cleaning agent has been proven to extend the lifetime of the burner. The automatic dosing of the cleaning agent is precise, reliable and time-saving for the user.

Quick operational readiness

In less than two minutes, the 105 kW burner heats the water to the maximum work temperature of 98 °C. Despite this enormous output, the burner works extremely efficiently and economically. Fuel consumption is just 6 to 8 litres per hour.

Low vehicle centre of gravity

The WRS is connected to the rear of our MIC 42, MIC 50, MIC 70 implement carrier or the MC 130 via a coupling triangle. The water tank, which has a volume of up to 800 litres, is located on the rear trolley and ensures a low vehicle centre of gravity. That means greater safety and ride comfort.

Compact design

The WRS 200 is so compact that it does not add anything to the overall width of the vehicle. The back of the vehicle remains visible in the exterior mirror even when driving around bends. The vehicle's manoeuvrability is not impaired in any way, and the risk of getting caught on obstacles is reduced. This means that the WRS 200 can also be used in tight spaces without any issues.

Operation: easy, logical, safe.

A perfect operating concept must be as simple and logical as possible so that operating errors and risks to the user can be ruled out from the outset. The operating and maintenance elements are therefore separate on the WRS. Everything that you need for maintenance and servicing is located on the left-hand side of the machine. The control elements for setting the temperature and pressure control, as well as the switch for the burner, are located on the right-hand side. The user can always control these functions safely from the roadside or the pavement. In the cabin, our sophisticated EASY Operation system eliminates the need for a separate display, meaning that all required information is in the driver's direct field of vision.

High-pressure cleaning of graffiti on a stone wall using the WRS 200

Professional high-pressure cleaning

High-pressure cleaning has many applications in the municipal sector, from vehicle washes and cleaning construction sites, right through to the removal of graffiti on walls and park benches. With a water pressure of up to 200 bar, a water temperature of up to 98 °C and an 800-litre water tank, the WRS 200 has the power and stamina for many of these applications.

Mobile green area maintenance with the WRS 200

Green area maintenance

Flowerbeds, trees and bushes need a lot of water during the warm season. If it has not rained for a long period of time or has only rained a little, it is essential that these are watered. With the WRS 200 in cold water low-pressure operation, you can water plants and green areas easily and directly using a hand lance.

A worker removes chewing gum from the ground using the WRS 200

Removing chewing gum

In the past, the process of removing chewing gum from hard surfaces, such as tar, paving stones and cobblestones, was a tedious, time-consuming and, above all, expensive task. With the WRS 200, you can effortlessly remove chewing gum from all ground surfaces in seconds. 

Multifunction at its finest

Whether on streets, paths or lawns, whether in pedestrian zones, stadiums or parks, whether in lines or rows: system equipment from Kärcher Municipal is designed for professional use under the toughest conditions and can cope with a wide range of applications at the highest level.

Municipal machine with implements, application-optimised solutions for all-round use