Extended 5 year guarantee for your new Kärcher pump

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The Kärcher home & garden pumps are efficient, reliable and designed to make the best use of our natural resources, offering the best solutions for pumping water all around your home and garden.

Design to last, we have extended the guarantee on all the pumps purchased in your country to five years.

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Included products

BP Garden

BP 2 Garden

BP 2 Garden Set Plus

BP 3 Garden

BP 3 Garden Set Plus

BP 4 Garden

BP 4 Garden Set

BP 4.500 Garden

BP 4.500 Garden Set Plus

BP 5.000 Garden

BP 5.000 Garden Set Plus

BP 6.000 Garden

BP 6.000 Garden Set

BP 7.000 Garden


BP Home

BP 3.200 Home *EU

BP 4.900 Home *EU


BP Home & Garden

BP 3 Home & Garden

BP 4 Home & Garden

BP 5 Home & Garden

BP 5 Home & Garden A


SP Dirt

SP 1 Dirt

SP 1 Dirt Connector Set

SP 3 Dirt

SP 5 Dirt

SP 7 Dirt

SP 7 Dirt Inox

SP 9.500 Dirt 

SP 11.000 Dirt 

SP 16.000 Dirt 

SP 16.000 Flood Box 

SP 22.000 Dirt 

SP 22.000 Flood Box 

SP 22.000 Dirt Level Sensor 


SP Dual

SP 5 Dual

SP 16.000 Dual


SP Flat

SP 2 Flat

SP 2 Flat A

SP 6 Flat

SP 9.000 Flat *EU

SP 17.000 Flat Level Sensor *EU


Submersible Pump Box

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