Pressure Washer Soap

Kärcher concentrated pressure washer soaps make quick work of cleaning your home and vehicles. Compatible with Kärcher and other brands of pressure washers. Made in USA and Germany. Biodegradable.

Kärcher Pressure Washer Soaps – Cleaner. Quicker.

If you want to reduce your cleaning time, as well as get a deeper level of clean, Kärcher pressure washer detergents are the ideal solution. 

A quicker, deeper level of clean

Speed up your pressure washing with the help of Kärcher's pressure washer soaps. Our formulas help loosen dirt and debris while protecting the surfaces underneath.

Concentrated or Ready-To-Use

Prefer concentrated soap that you can dilute to your preference – or would you rather have a ready-to-use formula that requires no mixing with water? Either way, we've got you covered.

Karcher Multipurpose Detergent Cleans Patio Chair

Biodegradable, Made in USA or Germany

Our pressure washer soaps are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. Our concentrated formulas are Made in the USA, while our ready-to-use formula is Made in Germany.

Concentrated Pressure Washer Soaps

One gallons makes up to 20 gallons of pressure washer detergent. Choose from All Purpose or Vehicle Wash & Wax. Made in the USA.

Ready-To-Use Pressure Washer Soap

No mixing, no mess. Pre-diluted to work perfectly with pressure washers. Made in Germany.

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Kärcher Multipurpose Pressure Washer Soap

"Best Bang for the Buck" – "In addition to being versatile, Karcher is biodegradable, so it’s safe to use around landscaping and pets."

Kärcher Vehicle Wash & Wax

"Best for Cars" – "Shoppers can also expect to get a lot of car washes out of a single gallon of this concentrated formula, which makes up to 20 gallons of cleaner."



House Grail

Kärcher Multipurpose Pressure Washer Soap

"Best Overall"

"Its versatility means that you get one detergent to pressure wash whatever you need to – your deck, the sidewalk in front of your house, your walkway, the driveway, your roof, the siding on your house… you name it!"


Kärcher Vehicle Wash & Wax

12 Best Pressure Washer Soaps for Cars and Trucks

"Karcher is a well-known and well-liked brand in the pressure-washing industry, so it’s no surprise that one of their specialty soaps made it to the first place on our list. They offer a car wash soap that not only makes your automobile glitter and shine but will also protect it. "

Cleanup Expert

Kärcher Multipurpose Pressure Washer Soap

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most residential pressure washers are not able to generate or use hot water.

Industrial washers with onboard heating coils can produce hot water for commercial cleaning, but almost all home pressure washers only work with cold water. 

While hot water can be very helpful, soaps and detergents can be similarly effective. The surfactants in the soap help to loosen up dirt and debris, allowing you to more quickly and completely clean home and vehicle surfaces. 

No, there is no pressure (psi) or flow (gpm) requirements for using Kärcher soaps and detergents. 

Yes, you can use our cleaning agents with all brands of pressure washer foam nozzles and sprayers.

No, our formulas were created to work with a wide variety of power washers, from 100 psi up to 4000 psi. Soaps and detergents enable you to clean more quickly and thoroughly, no matter which pressure washer you are using.

Most all home pressure washers are able to process soap in one way or another – some use a detergent suction tube, while others use an onboard detergent tank or a special foam spray nozzle that attaches to the spray gun. Please consult your owner's manual to learn how to use detergents with your model. 

Our Multi Purpose and Universal soaps were formulated to clean most all home exterior surfaces, including all types of house siding, e.g., brick, vinyl, stucco, etc.

Our Multi Purpose and Vehicle Wash & Wax concentrated soaps are Made in the USA.

Our Universal Pressure Washer Soap is Made in Germany.

Why Kärcher?

German Engineering. Quality Tested.
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