Dirt blaster, small, 030

Less power loss, higher spray quality: the new performance dirt blaster with nozzle size 030 achieves up to 50% higher cleaning and area performance than its predecessor.

The new performance dirt blaster (nozzle size 030) offers concentrated cleaning power. Internal power losses have been minimised and the spray quality significantly improved – for up to 50 per cent higher cleaning and area performance than its predecessor. And thanks to the rotating point jet, it achieves 10 times the cleaning performance compared to conventional high-pressure nozzles. With ceramic nozzle and bearing ring for maximum working time. For use with max. 180 bar/18 MPa and 60°C water temperature.

Features and benefits
Up to 50 % higher cleaning and area performance than its predecessor
  • Enormous time saving.
Minimised power losses and improved spray quality
  • Improved cleaning power for removing stubborn dirt.
The rotating point jet on the rotary nozzle combines the advantages of a point jet and flat stream
  • High cleaning power as well as high area performance.
Ceramic nozzle and ceramic bearing ring
  • Maximum service life.
High cleaning performance
  • Quickly removes stubborn dirt.

Technical data

Max. pressure (bar) 180
Temperature (°C) max. 60
Nozzle size 30
Size small
Connection thread EASY!Lock
Weight (kg) 0,2
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,2
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 90 x 57 x 57