Make your daily processes user- and data-driven: thanks to DYNAMIC CLEANING, you can increase your work efficiency by up to 30%, save up to 25% of your material consumption and guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. Environmentally friendly, cost-effective and qualitative.

Close-up view of the Kärcher Dynamic Cleaning app on the smartphone


Make your daily processes user- and data-driven.


Optimise your resources efficiently with our technology partner ZAN COMPUTE and DYNAMIC CLEANING.

Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

Working hours and resources – optimally planned on a daily basis. Benefit from individual solutions without a static daily schedule.



Always in control – highly intelligent algorithms monitor the data of your consumables. The result: sustainable and cost-effective material saving.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers and successful planning – the digitised cleaning processes are recorded in real time as required and increase your service level and quality.

Dynamic Cleaning at a glance

At a glance

Discover how your future cleaning processes look with the help of DYNAMIC CLEANING and artificial intelligence.

Here's how to get started:

1. Book your consultation
Together we analyse your requirements and work out what degree of utilisation DYNAMIC CLEANING offers you.

2. See for yourself
Start your own Proof-of-Concept and learn step by step how you can use your resources most efficiently.

3. Benefit over the long term
The intelligent sensors help you manage materials in a budget-friendly way and create constantly dynamic cleaning processes.


Dynamic cleaning schedule with sensor data

Inject fresh momentum into your cleaning schedules and benefit
from data-based insights:

  • Data-based recording of rooms and flows of movement

  • Cost-efficient and resource-friendly cleaning schedules

  • Cleaning when required - always
Close-up view of Kärcher DYNAMIC CLEANING sensor data on the tablet

Smart in real time with DYNAMIC CLEANING

Cross-product smart sensors keep your inventory up-to-date:

  • Infrared sensors transmit data in real time – from the waste bin to the soap dispenser

  • Ensure needs-based cleaning and maintenance

  • Lower material costs and reduce the amount of work
Networked soap dispenser collects DYNAMIC CLEANING sensor data

Interactive for greater customer satisfaction

Direct feedback on the cleanliness in the building?
DYNAMIC CLEANING makes this possible:

  • Intuitive feedback or specific feedback – touchless via smart devices

  • Fast response time with real-time notifications for feedback and complaints

  • Evaluation and documentation of the recorded data for sustainable optimisations
Close-up view of real-time notifications in the DYNAMIC CLEANING app

Easy-to-read to-do list

With room-specific to-do list, DYNAMIC CLEANING enables documentation of cleaning and creates transparency:

  • Call up room-specific to-do lists by scanning a QR code

  • Intuitive documentation of cleaning tasks with additional comment functions

  • Transparency of the cleaning performances
Close-up view of the DYNAMIC CLEANING to-do list on smartphone


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