MT HT 550/36

Interchangeable attachment for our MT 36 Bp battery-powered multi tool: Convenient MT HT 550/36 pole hedge trimmer for precise results for demanding jobs on tall hedges or close to the ground.

Particularly tall hedges or areas close to the ground are a challenge in many ways. The convenient MT HT 550/36 pole hedge trimmer for the MT 36 Bp battery-powered multi-tool makes easy work of the these demanding tasks. In addition, the interchangeable attachment boasts high-quality blades and simple angle adjustment, which, in combination, ensures precise cuts for the best results.

Features and benefits
Adjusting the cutting angle
  • Cutting angle can be adjusted to virtually any position.
Diamond-ground cutting blade
  • Minimal maintenance effort and long lifetime.
  • Low heat generation and high efficiency.
Hedge broom
  • Easily and conveniently dispose of cuttings.
Compact design
  • Lightweight for easy handling.
  • Compact and easy to transport and store.
Complete flexibility within the Kärcher 36 V platform
  • Battery can be quickly changed to other machines as needed.
  • Increases productivity and safety while working.
No emission of harmful substances and CO₂
  • Protects the environment and the health of the user.
Significantly lower vibration compared to petrol-powered machines
  • Effortless work over long periods.
  • Protects the user's health.
Up to 90% lower operating and maintenance costs compared to petrol-powered tools
  • Particularly economical, as there are no petrol costs.

Technical data

Variant Battery and charger not included
Cutting length (mm) 550
Tooth spacing (mm) 28
Cutting angle (°) 180
Battery platform 36 V battery platform
Voltage (V) 36
Runtime per battery charging (min) max. 100 (6,0 Ah) / max. 125 (7,5 Ah)
Weight without accessories (kg) 2,3
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 4,3
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1280 x 130 x 100


  • Blade guard
  • Hedge broom
Application areas
  • For the sides, bottom and top of tall hedges and shrubs
  • For pruning tall shrubs and hedge tops
  • Ideal for shaping, e.g. when pruning in a pyramid shape
  • Cut and prune hard-to-reach areas of hedges and shrubs
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