Cloth set Steam+Clean Bath

Cloth kit for steam cleaning the bathroom: 2 microfibre floor cleaning cloths, 1 microfibre abrasive cloth for limescale and soap residues, and 1 microfibre polishing cloth for mirrors, etc.

Absolutely perfect cleanliness across the entire bathroom – this is no problem with the steam cleaner cloth kit from Kärcher. The microfibre cloth kit contains two special microfibre floor cleaning cloths, which are perfectly tailored for using the steam cleaner around the bathroom. The additional microfibre abrasive cloth removes stubborn limescale and soap residues quickly and reliably. And the additional microfibre polishing cloth is ideal for polishing mirrors and other smooth surfaces.

Features and benefits
Abrasive microfibre cloth for hand nozzle with abrasive and soft microfibres
  • Abrasive fibres for optimal removal of limescale.
  • The soft microfibres of the cloth optimally take in the dirt.
High quality microfibre
  • Machine wash 60 °C possible
High quality microfibre polishing cloth
  • Streak-free polishing result, very good water absorption.
Soft floor cloth of high quality microfibre fleece
  • Optimal dirt removal, high dirt absorption; microfibre guarantees a good cleaning result on all hard surfaces.

Technical data

Weight (lbs) 0.3
Weight incl. packaging (lbs) 0.7
Dimensions (L x W x H) (in) 15.75 x 4.3 x 0.2
Cleaning application
  • For shower cubicles and bath tubs
  • For cleaning of mirrors, etc.
  • For removing soap residues.
  • For taps
  • For cleaning all hard surfaces (tiles, marble, PVC, granite, etc.).
  • For sinks.