How to connect the K 3 Power Control high pressure hose

Tips to help you get up and running with the K 3 Power Control electric pressure washer.

Connecting the High Pressure Hose

The connections on the high pressure hose are not perfectly round – if you look carefully you'll see two flat areas on each connection. Correctly aligning those flat areas to the corresponding flat areas on the spray gun and pressure washer ensures proper assembly and maximum performance from your K 3 Power Control pressure washer.

Power Control Hose Connector Flat Edges

1. Locate the flat areas on the high pressure hose connectors

(indicated here with red arrows)

K 3 Power Control Spray Gun Flat Edges on Hose Connector

2. Locate the flat areas on spray gun connection

(indicated again with red arrows)

Insert K3 Hose Correct Example 2

3. Begin to insert the hose into the spray gun

With the flat edges on the hose and spray gun aligned, begin to push the hose into the spray gun connector. Pause when you encounter resistance – the hose should be inserted as far as shown in this image. If it is, proceed to step 4.

Insert K3 Hose Wrong Example

> Note the position of the connector before proceeding

If the connector will only insert as far as shown here, the flat areas are not yet properly aligned. Rotate the hose until they are aligned and repeat Step 3.

Tip: If you're having trouble lining the flat areas up, note that the flat areas of the hose connector should be facing the front and back of the spray gun, not the sides of the gun.

Insert high pressure hose into the Power Control spray gun

4. Push the hose firmly to lock it into place

With the flat edges on the hose and spray gun aligned, begin to firmly push the hose into the spray gun connector.

We recommend that you use both thumbs in order to apply sufficient force to push the hose connector fully into the spray gun, to get it to lock into place.

You should hear an audible click when the hose is fully and properly seated. Gently tug on the hose to make sure it doesn't easily slide out.

Correctly inserted high pressure hose into power control spray gun

5. Examine the hose connector to make sure it is completely inserted

The connection should appear as shown here.

High pressure hose incorrectly attached to Power Control spray gun

Tip: If the hose connection is still visible, the hose is not completely inserted

The entire hose connection should be seated inside the spray gun. If you can still see the hose connector, the hose is not properly attached and will result in leaking, as well as weak pressure when using the power washer.

K 3 Power Control High Pressure Washer Outlet

6. Repeat the same process to insert the other end of the hose into the pressure washer

Again line up the flat areas on the hose connection with the flat areas of the water outlet on the pressure washer. Push firmly to fully connect the hose. You should hear a click as the hose properly seats.

Still experiencing issues?

If you've performed the above steps and notice any leaks, or the pressure washer is delivering only weak pressure, please contact us – we're here to help!

You can reach our US-based customer care team at 800-537-4129 or online at