The Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1 autonomous vacuum allows you to clean smarter than ever before. An intuitive cloud based AI operating system catapults performance and regard for safety beyond expectations. Guaranteeing the safety & integrity of your business is key.

The Benefits Of Autonomous Cleaning Start Now

In the past, you’ve relied solely on traditional cleaning solutions for your facility. Today’s climate finds business faced with turnover, unreliable coverage and incomplete reporting. Now, KIRA combines a human concern for safety with the precision and consistency of artificial intelligence.

Kärcher KIRA commercial robotic vacuum maneuvering around chair

Increased Productivity

  • Perfect cleaning route every time.
  • Clean large scale areas without supervision.
  • Cloud based AI constantly learns and improves performance
  • Lithium-Ion battery for increased runtime.
Autonomous robotic vacuum sensors

Unmatched Safety

  • Smart Detection System safely avoids people and obstacles.
  • Over 80+ Billion sq. ft. safely cleaned.
  • HEPA filtration facilitates healthier work environments.
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  • Improved consistency and coverage results in an increased ability to meet the scope of work and customer satisfaction.
  • Typically less than two years.
  • Average of $20,000 less in operational overhead (i.e. medical insurance, life emergencies, turnover.)
Kärcher KIRA comfort ride system deck

Comfort Ride System

  • During autonomy mode, it detects unintended riders.
  • Actively adapts and shifts to compliment the weight and balance of any operator.
  • Designed strategically slightly to the right, for perfect staging. Providing an accurate view of route identification markers.
Robotic vacuum lithium-ion battery

Lithium-Ion Powered

• Longer run times and faster charging speed
• Integral Battery Management system (BMS)

KIRA robotic vacuum control panel

Cloud Connected LCD Interface

  • Switch between autonomy and manual functions with a simple touch.
  • Teach and store multiple routes simultaneously.
  • Receive real-time reporting with any smartphone.

The Support You Need To Get Started With Robotic Cleaning

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On-site Setup

Getting started is easy with our on-site setup and training.

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Access to valuable training videos lead by industry experts.

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Software Subscription

Receive 3-year subscription to software and autonomy services.

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Service Plan

Our 3-year Kärcher Service Plan includes parts, labor and travel** with two Preventative Maintenance visits per year.***

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Technical Specs for the KIRA Commercial Robotic Vacuum

The KIRA CV 60/1 commercial robotic vacuum can clean an area the size of a football field in under 3 hours or roughly 18,000 square feet per hour!

Productivity is at KIRA's heart. Use KIRA to clean large areas while your cleaning staff can focus on other more detailed tasks.

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