WOMA Ultra-High Pressure Water Systems

Hydrodynamic power as a tool. WOMA Kärcher Group is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure systems and high-pressure pumps. Through our focused research and development, WOMA has mastered systems with water pressures in excess of 58000 psi, which is four times the water pressure at the deepest point in the oceans.

Whether cleaning, removing material or cutting, WOMA's innovative system solutions unify precision with high power and lower fuel consumption.

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For over 50 years, WOMA engineers have developed world-class cleaning and maintenance solutions.

Since joining Kärcher in 2011, we have developed and improved our customized solutions for all sectors of industry and commerce. That is why we are able to provide a range of products that excel in terms of quality, reliability, and economic efficiency. Our service ensures that our customers always have a contact person at any time and anywhere in the world.

Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting Applications

Industrial Cleaning

Surface Treatment

WOMA’s product line is applicable in many branches of industry for the cleaning and preparation of surfaces, such as the removal of all types of coatings and rust. Other applications include emission-free disinfection and selective concrete removal. Learn more

Water Jet Cutting

WOMA cutting tools have an excellent reputation in the construction and demolition industries, and have the ability to cut reinforced concrete, steel or ceramic. In addition, the tools can be applied to the simple dismantling of containers, steel structures and buildings. WOMA cutting tools do not generate heat at the cutting edge, are dust-free, and produce low vibration. Learn more

Industrial Cleaning

WOMA systems are indispensable when it comes to cleaning within the chemical and manufacturing industries. Many companies rely on our systems to effortlessly remove varnish, paint, resin, and caked debris from containers without leaving residue behind. WOMA tools are certified as extremely safe products. Learn more



The hot water EcoTherm trailer excels in its performance. Cleaning with hot water is in some cases more effective than with cold water. This means there less pressure is needed to carry out similar cleaning.


  • With up to 98 °C facades, small tubes, easy to clean industrial floors and other surfaces, oil and grease can be washed off easily and can easily remove coatings.
  • The compact and lightweight trailer can be transported by almost any medium size car.
  • Robust diesel engine (38 kW) and a stable design.
  • High environmental standards thanks to a 5-chamber tank system including a safety trough which ensures fuel, oil or plasticizers cannot escape.
  • The highly accessible and long-life high-pressure pump 70Y has a compact construction and a low weight.

EcoMaster MK3

The EcoMaster MK3 is a compact powerhouse for the cleaning and maintenance of large civil projects and industrial plants, and it is used with many other applications throughout industry, construction and municipal services. This ultra-high pressure water jet unit comes as a mobile trailer with diesel drive.


  • Particularly suitable for the removal of coatings and concrete renovation, as well as for the separation and cutting of various materials.
  • Available in three variants with maximum operating pressures of up to 43500 psi.
  • The easy to operate WOMATIC 4 controller ensures a high degrees of safety through operational status monitoring, and pressure control and pressure circulation increase reliability. It also provides low wear, long service life, and low fuel consumption.
  • Highest environmental standards: Potential leaks of operational liquids can be prevented by a safety standard supplied trough.
Eco MK3

EcoMaster Classic

The EcoMaster Classic has been specifically developed for use in harsh conditions. It features a compact, robust and low-maintenance design for easy operation. The high-pressure units are diverse, flexible and usable, even in extreme climates or difficult environmental conditions.


  • The EcoMaster 250M D Classic offers the optimum material for the remodeling and removal of concrete or coatings, and separating and cutting various materials.
  • For particular ingrained dirt and residue in the industry which is often found in heat exchangers, screens, filters and pipes. The EcoMaster D 250Z Classic has for this type of work has long been proven up to 21750 psi.
  • The EcoMaster D 1502 Classic is ideal for external cleaning of tanks to remove dirt and corrosion, and removal of coatings.
  • The application of the EcoMaster D 150Z Classic are the internal cleaning of tanks, containers and cleaning of large pipes.
  • All devices are equipped with robust, low maintenance, and strong WOMA high pressure pumps.

EcoCold 500/30 Classic

The compact and mobile EcoCold 500/30 Classic removes dirt from the smallest corners. The high-pressure water unit has been specifically developed by WOMA for use in professional high-pressure cleaning. It provides pressure up to 500 bar (X) and a capacity of up to 30 l / min,(X) as well as many opportunities to work efficiently and safely.

Advantages :

  • Suitable for cleaning: concrete formwork, facades, cleaning of filters in the industry, and the removal of organic growths on ship hulls and buoys.
  • The pressure controlled switch off the power (X) when there is no water supply to prevent dry operation.
  • The slow start of the electric motor can slowly initiate the motor and pump. This prevents leakage and increases service life.
  • The wheels and control of the machine are equipped with brakes so that the EcoCold also can drive up slopes.