Wet Dry Vacuum Rental

Kärcher offers a wide assortment of powerful and reliable wet dry vacuums that are easy to use and feature HEPA filter technology. Our lineup of wet dry vacs is fully compliant with OSHA silica dust regulations and offer up to 280 CFMs. They are engineered to take on the demanding requirements of a host of industries, including construction, transportation, hospitality, government, education as well as industrial facilities.


Kärcher Wet Dry Vacuum Rentals

Rent a Wet Dry Vacuum and Improve Productivity On Your Job

When you need a wet dry vacuum for your job but you’re not ready to make the investment in a new machine, look no further than the Kärcher lineup of rental vet dry vacs. By partnering with rental companies throughout the United States and Canada, Kärcher makes it convenient for contractors, maintenance crews, and workers from all walks of life to quickly get the right cleaning tool and get to work.


This budget-friendly approach to provides you:

  1. Professional Advice and Training – rental professionals can assist you in selecting the right wet dry vacuum for your job and can train operators on equipment usage
  2. Flexibility – whether your job is seasonal or temporary, renting equipment allows you to perform the job when and where you need it
  3. Limited Overhead – renting equipment takes all of the maintenance and repair work off your hands
  4. No Capital Investment – spend money on other areas of your business without having to invest in equipment
  5. Equipment Transportation – many of our rental partners offer equipment delivery to make your job easier
  6. Less Downtime – accomplish your job without downtime since you won't have to worry about equipment maintenance and repairs
  7. Accessories – rental professionals can help you match the proper wet dry vac accessories to improve your productivity
  8. Worry-Free Guarantee – our wet dry vacuums are properly serviced and maintained so they don’t break down when you need them

Recommended Wet Dry Vacuum Rentals

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