Samen voor meer WOW - samen maken we het verschil.

Notre culture WOW

Notre objectif

There are the big WOWs that turn the whole world upside down. And then, of course, there are the small WOWs that remind us of the magic that is all around us every day. Big or small, every WOW is both extraordinary and unique. Just as unique as our purpose, which shows us "Kärchers" the deeper meaning of what we do, again and again. Because, after all, we have a lot to do together to make the world a little cleaner. What exactly is driving our "Kärcher purpose"?

You can read more about it here.

Photo of cleaning in progress at Mount Rushmore

Diversity and inclusion

A WOW does not differentiate between origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental abilities, religion, world view, or tradition. Here, everyone is invited to put their heads together, to inspire each other and to join forces to create greater things.

We have even put this in writing: in signing the "Diversity Charter", we have committed ourselves to welcoming every single WOW.

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We want the world of tomorrow to have even more reasons to say "WOW". That is why we promise all our employees, applicants and customers that we take responsibility for people, the environment and society in everything we do.

You can read more about our sustainability strategy here.



Good, better, WOW: Plus de 11'200 employé(e)s dans le monde ont participé à cette enquête interne Kärcher en mai 2022. Le taux de réponse de 85% montre la forte identification de notre personnel avec l'entreprise et son grand intérêt pour le développement continu de Kärcher. L'enquête régulière auprès des employé(e)s leur en donne l'occasion. Ci-dessous, nous aimerions vous présenter quelques résultats de notre entreprise, Kärcher Belux :

Diagram with 92%

"Je m'entends bien avec mes collègues."

Diagram with 92%

"Je crois fermement en nos produits."

Diagram with 90%

"J'aime beaucoup travailler chez Kärcher."

Diagram with 88%

"Mon entreprise fait preuve de responsabilité envers l'environnement."

Diagram with 88%

"Mes horaires de travail sont suffisamment flexibles pour répondre aux besoins de ma vie privée et familiale."

Diagram with 86%

"Mon entreprise offre un environnement de travail exempt de discrimination et d'intimidation."

Nos collègues WOW

Notre collègue WOW : Marcel

Notre collègue WOW : Tim