HD 4/8 X Classic

Compact HD 4/8 X Classic pressure washer with automatic pressure relief and integrated hose reel. Highly ergonomic and mobile thanks to a retractable pull handle and robust wheels.

Ergonomic, mobile, powerful and compact: The HD 4/8 X Classic pressure washer impresses with its durable and reliable components such as the 3-piston axial pump and an induction motor, as well as its compact and robust design. The automatic pressure relief system effectively protects the hydraulic components, ensuring a long lifetime with very low repair and maintenance costs. The reduced trigger pull on the gun allows for long, fatigue-free periods of work. The ergonomic and user-friendly HD 4/8 X Classic is extremely easy to use and, thanks to its integrated hose reel and retractable pull handle, ensures a high degree of user comfort. With a working pressure of 1150 PSI, a water volume of 1.7 GPM, and stable wheels for easy transportation and high mobility at the site of use, the HD 4/8 X Classic high pressure cleaner is suitable for diverse applications, such as in the building industry, construction, or occasional vehicle cleaning.

Features and benefits
Outstanding mobility
Perfect ergonomics
Compact design
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