Vehicle cleaning

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Karcher Soft Bristle Brush cleans Headlight

Vehicle exterior cleaning

Pressure washers make cleaning easy

Who wants to spend hours cleaning? There are, after all, more enjoyable ways to spend your time. But Kärcher pressure washers can even make cleaning fun. Our pressure washers can remove even the most stubborn and encrusted dirt within seconds – quickly, easily and effortlessly at the push of a button. And you don't even have to get your hands dirty! It couldn't be easier.

Vehicle cleaning made easy

Brilliant shine – faster than ever: our Vehicle Wash & Wax is the perfect complement to your pressure washer for vehicle cleaning. It contains an active dirt remover that removes stubborn oil and dried-on dirt effortlessly. The quick-dry formula makes the tedious job of polishing vehicles easier. And the touch of wax in the formulation gives the vehicle a perfect, lasting shine.

Accessories speed up the process and deliver even better results

Our optional foam cleaner dispenses a car wash-quality, lush foam to coat your vehicle with dirt-loosening detergent. And our brushes enable you to give extra attention to those areas that need it: grills, headlights, doors, etc.

Car interior cleaning

Car interior cleaning

Products for vehicle interior cleaning. 

Multi-purpose vacs are ideal for interior vehicle cleaning. A comprehensive accessory kit for all vehicle cleaning, including vacuuming boots, footwells, dashboards, seats, side pockets, floormats and more, makes car interior cleaning easy. Tip for cleaning floormats: even dried-on dirt can be easily removed by using a Kärcher suction brush with stiff bristles.

Kärcher wet/dry vacs coming Q4 2015 to the US and Canada!

Recommended products and accessories

K3 "Follow Me" Electric Pressure Washer

What better way to wash your vehicle than with a pressure washer that follows you as you clean? The K3 Follow Me is more than up to the task!

Foam Nozzle

A foam nozzle turns a pressure washer and detergent into a personal car wash system! Look no further for a thick, luxurious foam to clean your vehicles.

Multi-purpose wet/dry vacs (coming soon!)

Our Home & Garden line of wet/dry vacuums will launch in Q4 2015 and will be available to purchase in the US and Canada.