Application tips

Here you can find a clear overview of cleaning solutions at a glance, arranged thematically. If your cleaning requirement is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Outside area

Car cleaning

Vehicle cleaning

Here you can find the right products and accessories for quick and thorough car cleaning.

Terrace cleaning_teaser

Patio cleaning

Here you can find the right devices and accessories for cleaning your patio once the winter is over.



Say goodbye to your dustpan and brush: with Kärcher sweepers, footpaths, roads, driveways and yards can be cleaned up to five times faster.


Mossy brick and stone

Kärcher Dirtblasters are ideal for removing moss from brick and stone surfaces

Garden Furniture_header

Garden furniture cleaning

Our pressure washers make light work of unsightly marks on garden furniture caused by air pollution or from last winter.

Pipe Cleaning

Pipe cleaning

The pipe cleaning kit is ideal for clearing blocked pipes, both indoors and outdoors.

Extension wand

Facade cleaning

Not only does Kärcher offer the ideal devices for use around the home: houses themselves become dirty over time, and Kärcher cleaning appliances can bring them back to their original splendour.


Window cleaning

Window cleaning

When it comes to dirty windows, Kärcher offers the ideal solution for every requirement. Discover a variety of window cleaning devices.



Where wood is planed, shavings must fall – as cleaning professionals, Kärcher offers a complete range of devices and useful accessories for efficient cleaning performance in and around the home.