Window cleaning

When it comes to dirty windows, Kärcher offers the ideal solution for every requirement. Discover a variety of window cleaning devices.

Window cleaning
Window cleaning

Battery-powered window vacs - make window cleaning fun

There are always more pleasant ways to spend your time than doing tedious cleaning tasks – especially within your own four walls. That is why Kärcher offers the perfect solution for window cleaning: the WV 2 plus battery-powered window vac ensures streak-free, drip-free cleaning. The battery-powered window vac also saves you time and is suitable for cleaning all smooth surfaces around the home, not just windows.

The WV 2 plus offers easy handling, drip-free cleaning thanks to the suction, and is also extremely time-saving – with Kärcher's original battery-powered window vac set, windows are left gleaming and streak-free in no time. 

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Window Vac PLUS

Quick, convenient and clean. Includes spray bottle, microfiber cloth and cleaning concentrate sample.

Extension kit

Even high windows can be effortlessly cleaned to perfection.