Professional steam cleaners for disinfection cleaning

Professional steam cleaners are proven machines for disinfection cleaning. In order to ensure adequate hygiene and to combat harmful germs or viruses, they are an effective and time-saving cleaning solution due to the high cleaning temperature.

Cleaning with a Kärcher steam cleaner

Cleaning with a Kärcher steam cleaner

Hygienic and thorough cleaning with professional steam cleaners

When cleaning walls, floors or furniture, germs, bacteria and viruses can be effectively fought with professional steam cleaners. The steam emerges from the nozzle in very fine droplets and, depending on the type of appliance, at a temperature of around 212°F and a maximum pressure of up to 8 bar. The acceleration is about 106 mph. Therefore, the steam reaches all cracks or rubber folds where brushes or cloths can hardly reach. In this way, hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned hygienically and thoroughly.

If used properly, professional Kärcher steam cleansers SV(G) remove up to 99.999% of enveloped viruses*, such as the coronavirus or influenza, and 99.999% of common household bacteria** from hard surfaces. As at the present time disinfectants are to be reserved primarily for outpatient and inpatient care, steam cleaners can make a valuable contribution to general hygiene in commercial and industrial use.


*Tests have shown that with spot cleaning of 30 secs at max. steam level with the Kärcher steam cleaner 99.999% of enveloped viruses such as coronavirus or influenza (excluding the Hepatitis-B virus) can be removed on common smooth household hard surfaces (test-germ: Modified-Vaccinia-Ankara-Virus).


**When thoroughly cleaning with a professional Kärcher steam cleaner SG(V) 99.999% of all common household bacteria will be killed on common smooth household hard surfaces, provided the cleaning speed of 30 cm/s at max. steam level (according to EN 16615:2015-06, PVC floor, test germs: Enterococcus hirae ATCC 10541)

Cleaning with a Kärcher steam cleaner

Steam cleaners

Hygienic, cost-saving and environmentally friendly: Professional steam cleaners clean all hard surfaces without the use of chemical cleaning agents.



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Cleaning with a Kärcher steam vacuum cleaner

Steam vacuum cleaner

Professional steam vacuum cleaners are suitable for the effective cleaning of all hard surfaces. With the appropriate accessories, a targeted cleaning is possible. They also offer the possibility of using chemicals for pre-treatment in the case of heavy soiling and to take up the dirt liquor again via a suck-back system. To remove dirt residues, they also have their own rinsing programs for the suction hose and pipe.

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