IVR-L 100/18-2 Oil & Coolant Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The easy-to-use tilting chassis includes a lifting system for the 26.4 gallon collection container and the top inlet ensures long life of the vacuum.

Order number: 9.988-913.0

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For the collection of oil and coolant mixed with metal chips, Kärcher has the answer. The IVR-L 100/18-2 Tc Dp offers superior collection and separation of these chips from the liquid, and offers the operator the ability to pump the collected oil and coolant back out to be disposed or recycled. Automatic shut-off prevents overfill. Save time and money in your machine shop operation.


Technical data

Power supply (Ph/V/Hz) 1 / 110 / 120 / 50 / 60
Air flow (cfm) 270
Vacuum (inH2O) 88
Inlet diameter ID / 50
Accessory diameter ID / 40


  • Accessories included with machine, No