Gutter and pipe cleaning kit

The gutter and pipe cleaning kit works all by itself – with high pressure. It easily cleans outflows, pipe blockages and gutters.

The clever 2-in-1 solution for cleaning gutters and blocked pipes or outflows! The innovative gutter and pipe cleaning kit from Kärcher works all by itself – with high pressure. It moves independently on a sled through the gutters, without the user having to stand permanently beside it on a ladder. The gutter and pipe cleaning kit is fitted with two different nozzles: one pipe cleaning nozzle with four rear-facing high-pressure jets and one gutter cleaning nozzle for mounting the hose to the sled. The user can quickly and easily switch between the applications at any time. A non-kinking hose with brass connector ensures durability. The hose is 20m long. The gutter and pipe cleaning kit is suitable for K 2 - K 7 series domestic pressure washers.

Features and benefits
Powerful cleaning with high pressure
  • Effective and quick removal of pipe blockages.
Four rear-pointing high-pressure jets
  • Moves easily through pipes.
Kink protection
  • Protects hose from kinking.
Brass coupling
  • Long lifetime.

Technical data

Length (Metre) 20
Weight (Kilogram) 0.26
Weight incl. packaging (Kilogram) 2.541
Dimensions (L x W x H) (Millimetre) 250 x 340 x 100
Application areas
  • Cleaning drains
  • Cleaning downpipes
  • Cleaning roof gutters
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