Service station cleaning

A wide range of cleaning tasks have to be performed at service stations. However, if you invest in the correct cleaning technology, you can efficiently complete the work required and always keep your site clean.

Cleaning service stations

Service station operators are required to act on many fronts

Service stations are no longer only places where you purchase fuel. They have become meeting places, a "knight in shining armour" when there is no butter or milk at home.

To ensure that customers feel comfortable, when it comes to cleaning operators are required to act on many fronts: On shop floors, in outside areas, catering areas, restroom facilities and wash halls – it is necessary to ensure that all areas are clean and to follow the relevant safety regulations. Cleaning service stations therefore involves a very wide range of tasks. However, if you purchase the right machinery and invest in the correct cleaning technology, you can clean your service station efficiently and thoroughly. This is an investment which saves a lot of work time and quickly proves worthwhile. Even so, deep cleaning is still required at regular intervals. But if you continuously keep your facilities clean, you will have considerably less to do.

Cleaning tasks at service stations

Play it safe: Follow the rules and regulations

At service stations there are danger zones for people and the environment from, for example, liquid or gaseous hazardous substances or fuels. Occupational safety and health protection, as well as the protection of the environment, are extremely important during activities at service station facilities. Therefore, when using equipment and cleaning agents the rules and regulations of the professional associations and the respective oil companies must be observed.

Suitable products for your area of application

Having an outside area which is free of dirt is crucial in creating an overall impression of cleanliness. Different types of dirt can quickly accumulate in these areas due to their extensive use and the continuous effects of weathering. With powerful cleaning machines, this is kept in check all year round.

The surfaces in restroom areas can quickly accrue dirt and therefore need thorough cleaning. This means that slip hazards are prevented, stubborn contaminants are removed and hygienic conditions are ensured. Special cleaning machines meet these requirements.

Modern service stations have become service centres where many customers can serve themselves on the shop floor. Given that it is an important source of revenue and acts as a showcase for the service station, the shop should have especially high maintenance and hygiene standards. In particular, it is important to ensure that the work surfaces in the counter serving area are hygienic. This area should be regularly cleaned due to its very frequent use. 

Wash bays must produce perfect results when it comes to vehicle cleaning. Customers require high-quality cleaning which meets their standards. Powerful and professional cleaning equipment is needed to achieve this.

Greasy oils and stubborn dirt can quickly accumulate on forecourts. There is a significantly increased safety risk due to the slippery surfaces and the fact that hazardous substances are stored there. By performing cleaning tasks with the correct equipment, operators can not only improve safety, but also ensure clean conditions on the services station forecourt.