Kärcher Rain Box

The extendable Kärcher Rain Box with filter, drip collars, connection parts and hoses is the ideal ready-for-connection starter set for efficient garden watering.

The Kärcher Rain Box is the ideal starter kit for efficient, economical and need-based garden watering. The Kärcher Rain Box contains a G1 tap connector with G3/4 reduction piece for connection to a tap, 2 couplings, 1 filter, 15 m Kärcher Rain System® hose (consisting of input hose and for attachment of collars), 10 m soaker hose, 4 T-pieces with regulation, 4 I-pieces, 10 drip collars and 5 ground spikes for fixing the hoses. All parts can be installed without the use of tools. The drip collars can be attached to the Kärcher Rain System® hose and adjusted (0-10 l/h) as desired. The soaker hose drips evenly over the entire length and can be optimally adjusted using the adjustable tee on the T-piece. The system runs with up to 4 bar pressure, can be individually adapted to every garden and works perfectly with the SensoTimer for need-orientated watering control.

Features and benefits
Complete kit
  • Complete Kärcher Rain System® starter kit.
  • Ready to use: All system-relevant components are included in the kit.
Drip collar with water volume regulation
  • Targeted and need-based watering of plants.
Fixation on the Kärcher Rain System® hose
  • Flexible and precise mounting.
Drip collar with integrated needle
  • Installation without the use of tools.
Resealable drip nozzle
  • Collars can be flexibly mounted and removed as required.
Manageable number of components
  • No extensive planning required.
Integrated Kärcher Rain System® hose
  • Extremely flexible for laying.
T-piece with water volume regulation
  • Optimal water volume regulation for the drip hose.
  • Can be easily extended with other Kärcher Rain System® components.

Technical data

Max. pressure (bar) 4
Weight (kg) 2,7
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 3,8
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 380 x 289 x 113


  • Water volume can be regulated
  • Includes filter
  • T-connectors with water flow regulation, 4 piece(s)
  • I-connectors, 4 piece(s)
  • Hose stops, large, 5 piece(s)
  • Drip nozzles, 10 piece(s)
  • Hose spikes, 5 piece(s)
  • Trickle hose, 10 m
  • Kärcher Rain System® hose, 1/2″, 1 x 15 m
  • Connector, 2 piece(s)
  • Tap adaptor with reducer, G1, G3/4, 1 piece(s)
Application areas
  • Garden watering
  • Flower beds, vegetable patches
  • Hedges, bushes
  • Planting in rows