Kärcher Rain System® hose

The Kärcher Rain System® hose supplies the Kärcher Rain System® with water. Various adjustable application components can be attached directly onto the hose.

The Kärcher Rain System® hose is a key component of the Kärcher Rain System®. It distributes the water evenly within the system. The drip nozzle, sealing collar and micro spray nozzle can be optimally secured at the hose. The hose can be shortened as needed and extended using I-connectors or branched out with T-connectors. The trickle hose, for example, can be connected at the end of the hose. The hose is 10 m long. The pressure-resistant reinforcement mesh is free from cadmium, barium and lead, meaning it contains absolutely no substances that are harmful to human health. The weather-resistant anti-UV outer layer protects the material and the opaque middle layer prevents algae from building up inside the hose. The hose assembly is very easy and does not require the use of any tools. The Kärcher Rain System® combines the advantages of micro-dripping and traditional watering, works at up to 4 bar pressure and features a 1/2" hose with drip and micro spray nozzles. The Kärcher Rain System® can be individually adapted to almost every type of machine and works perfectly with the SensoTimer for a demand-driven watering control system.

Features and benefits
Supply hose of the Kärcher Rain System®
  • Drip, sealing and spray collars can be easily affixed.
Quality garden hose
  • Environmentally friendly and unharmful to health.
Free from cadmium, barium and lead
  • Environmentally friendly and unharmful to health.
6 year guarantee
  • Durability.
High temperature resistance from -20 to +65°C
  • Tough.
Opaque interlayer
  • Prevents algae formation in the hose.
Handy garden hose with pressure-resistant woven reinforcement
  • For easy handling.
  • Guaranteed ruggedness and durability.
Handy garden hose with pressure-resistant woven reinforcement
3-ply quality garden hose
  • Extremely flexible for laying.

Technical data

Diameter 1/2″
Hose length (m) 10
Max. pressure (bar) 4
Weight (kg) 1,2
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 1,2
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 262 x 258 x 70
Application areas
  • Garden watering
  • Flower beds, vegetable patches, hedges