Particle filter

The particle filter reliably protects the Kärcher Rain System® from dirt particles. The filter inlay can conveniently and easily be removed and cleaned.

The particle filter protects the Kärcher Rain System® from dirt particles. The filter is attached to the end of the feeder hose at the junction with the Kärcher Rain System®. The filter inlay can easily be removed and cleaned at any time. There is a tap connector on the input side, which is compatible with all known click systems. The output side forms the connection for the Kärcher Rain System® hose or the soaker hose. The hoses are simply attached directly and fixed using the union nut, without the need for tools. The efficient Kärcher Rain System® combines the advantages of micro-dripping and conventional watering systems. The system works with up to 4 bar pressure, can be individually adapted to almost any type of garden and works perfectly together with the SensoTimer for needs-based watering control.

Features and benefits
Integrated filter
  • Protection of the Kärcher Rain System® against dirt particles.
Removable filter inlay
  • Filter is easy to clean.
Ergonomic design
  • Easy handling.

Technical data

Connection thread G3/4
Max. pressure (bar) 4
Weight (kg) 0,1
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,1
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 179 x 47 x 47


  • Includes G 3/4 tap adaptor
  • Includes connection for Kärcher Rain System® hose
Application areas
  • Garden watering
  • Flower beds, vegetable patches, hedges