Karcher WV1 Cleans Large Home Windows

Window Cleaner

Kärcher invented the Original Window Vac. Window washing used to be a chore but our Window Vacs changed all that. Now you can clean your windows up to 3X quicker, without streaks, drips or water spots. Designed in Germany. Made in Italy.

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Our WV1 Plus window cleaning kit includes:

  • Window Vac
  • Spray bottle with microfiber cloth
  • Large bottle of Window Cleaner Concentrate

Everything you need to start cleaning your windows, mirrors and shower areas right away!


How to clean windows without streaks or drips

Spray windows

1. Spray

Start by spraying the window using the included spray bottle filled with Kärcher Window Cleaner Concentrate (or your favorite window cleaning solution) for best dispersion.

Cleaning windows

2. Clean

Then loosen the dirt on the window with the microfiber cloth on the spray bottle. Work the solution around the entire window pane, from top to bottom.

Vacuum windows with Kärcher window vac

3. Vacuum

Finish by vacuuming up the dirty cleaning solution with the Window Vac – done! And without streaks, drips or any residue left.

What else can I clean with a Kärcher Window Vac? (It's not just for windows!)

See what others have said about our WV Window Cleaners

Wired Magazine

"Kärcher's New Window Vac Is As Good As Advertised"

"Does it actually leave your windows streak free? Yes, it does!"

(review of previous generation model WV50)

New York Magazine / Strategist

"... it has become my go-to tool in keeping my shower clean. Think of it as a squeegee on steroids."

"It sucks up excess water so you can also get rid of mirror condensation in no time, and you can use it to clean bathroom tiles or kitchen counters, too — anything with excess water, really."

Best Reviews

"Best Window Vacuum Cleaners" 2020

"Overall, a nice kit with user-friendly accessories and a nicely designed vac." "Has a streamlined, lightweight design that makes it easy to use"

Real Homes

"Best Handheld Vacuum for Windows"

"The Karcher WV1 is part squeegee and part vacuum, making it an entirely unique tool for cleaning windows and other smooth surfaces quickly and efficiently."

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Karcher Window Vac Cleans Dirty Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning with paper towels requires a lot of physical effort, is time-consuming and inefficient. The results are usually less than satisfactory, leaving behind streaks as well as lint. Additionally, there is a lot of waste, often a trash can full of expensive paper towels!

The Window Vac cleans windows 3X faster and eliminates the need for paper towels. All you need is the Window Vac, spray bottle and cleaning solution, which is all included. You'll enjoy sparkling streak-free windows with minimal effort and no mess!

The Window Vac is a multi surface cleaner and excels at cleaning windows, of course, but is also great for cleaning:

  • mirrors
  • shower doors and tiles
  • kitchen surfaces
  • appliance doors
  • glass tables
  • vehicle windows
  • other solid, flat surfaces around the home

Please note that the Window Vac should NOT be used to pick up:

  • large spills
  • harmful or caustic liquids (including rubbing alcohol and bleach)
  • solid matter

The WV1 Window Vac is very light, weighing in at just a little over a pound! (17 ounces) This makes it easy for users of all ages to hold and operate.

The Window Vac provides 20-30 minutes of continuous cleaning time after a full charge. That is more than sufficient to clean the windows in an average-size home.

Kärcher offers the following replacement charger / power adapter for all versions of the Window Vac sold in the US and Canada:

Currently Kärcher offers only the WV1 Window Vac in the US.

Other models will be added to the Kärcher US Window Cleaner page if they become available in the USA.

Previously Kärcher sold the WV50 Window Vac in the US and Canada. This model has been discontinued and replaced by the WV1. 

PLEASE NOTE: Some third party resellers may list WV2, WV5 and Anniversary Edition Window Vacs for sale on various websites. These models are not designed for the US power supply are not covered by warranty.

The Kärcher WV1 Window Vac is made at our manufacturing facility in Italy.

Window vac extension kit

Accessories and Window Cleaner Concentrate

The WV1 Plus battery-powered Window Vac contains everything you need to clean most home windows – but what if you need to clean overhead windows that are difficult to reach?

Extension Kit for high windows

The optional extension kit makes cleaning high windows a breeze. You can use the extension pole to both apply cleaning solution and then to vacuum it away with the Window Vac attached. Forget climbing around on ladders to clean your overhead windows – this Window Vac extension kit enables you to clean quickly and safely from ground level. 

Kärcher Window Cleaner Concentrate

While you can certainly use your favorite brand of cleaning solution with the Window Vac, many users prefer our specially formulated Window / Glass Cleaner. It cleans brilliantly and also makes rain run off more quickly (and keeps windows and other surfaces clean longer!), while imparting a natural fresh scent.

It's also highly concentrated – you only need to mix one capful of the concentrate with seven ounces of tap water!

Why choose Kärcher window cleaners?

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