Karcher WV1 Cleans Large Home Windows

Window Cleaner

Kärcher invented the Original Window Vac. The latest generation of battery-powered Window Vacs from Kärcher not only ensures drip-free, streak-free windows, but also saves even more time and effort. Your new best friend when it comes to cleaning windows and other flat surfaces around the home!

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See the Window Vac in Action

The WV 1 PLUS set includes the Window Vac, a spray bottle with microfibre cloth and a large bottle of window cleaner concentrate. So you can start cleaning your windows and other flat surfaces right away!


How to clean with the Window Vac

Spray windows


Start by spraying the window using the included spray bottle filled with Kärcher Window Cleaner (or your favorite window cleaner) for best dispersion.

Cleaning windows


Then loosen the dirt on the window with the microfibre cloth on the spray bottle. Work the solution around the entire window pane. 

Vacuum windows with Kärcher window vac


Finish by vacuuming up the dirty cleaning solution with the Window Vac – done! And with no streaks or drips.

Not just for windows!

Vacuuming tiles

Shower areas

Clean shower and bathroom tiles and glass quickly with minimum effort.

Vacuuming glass

Most anything made of glass

Tired of cleaning smudges from glass tabletops? Keep the Window Vac nearby for really quick and easy touch ups!

Vacuuming mirrors


Clean mirrors without streaks and drips. No longer dread cleaning bathroom mirrors or large mirrors throughout the home, including entrances, hallways, bedrooms and more.

See what others have said about the Window Vac

Wired Magazine

"Kärcher's New Window Vac Is As Good As Advertised"

"Does it actually leave your windows streak free? Yes, it does!"

(review of previous generation model WV50)

Daily Record

"Window vacuums have seen a huge boom in sales in recent years as busy consumers invest in time-saving devices that will make life a little easier.

Among them is the market-leading Karcher – a cordless device that can be charged once a week and used with a spray to instantly clean off smudges, dust and finger marks from windows."


"It is affordably priced when you consider you will be dramatically reducing your costs for paper towel usage that comes with window cleaning."

(review of previous generation model WV50)

Little House on the Corner

"I totally admit that I’m surprised by how much I like the window vac. It sucks up the dirt amazingly well and is really light and easy to use. "

Accessories and Window Cleaner Concentrate

The WV1 Plus battery-powered Window Vac contains everything you need to clean most home windows – but what if you need to clean overhead windows that are difficult to reach?

Extension Kit for high windows

The optional extension kit makes cleaning high windows a breeze. You can use the extension pole to both apply cleaning solution and then to vacuum it away with the Window Vac attached. Forget climbing around on ladders to clean your overhead windows – this Window Vac extension kit enables you to clean quickly and safely from ground level. 

Kärcher Window Cleaner Concentrate

While you can use your favorite brand of window cleaner with the Window Vac, many users prefer the cleaning results from our specially formulated Window Cleaner. It cleans brilliantly and also makes rain run off more quickly (and keeps windows and other surfaces clean longer!), while imparting a natural fresh scent.

Window vac extension kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning with paper towels requires a lot of physical effort, is time-consuming and inefficient. The results are usually less than satisfactory, leaving behind streaks as well as lint. Additionally, there is a lot of waste, often a basket full of expensive paper towels! The Window Vac eliminates the need for paper towels altogether. All you need is the Window Vac, spray bottle and cleaning solution – everything included in this offer!

Regular squeegees make a mess on the floor or window casing as you clean, due to drips and runoff. The Window Vac suctions away the fluid as you clean, eliminating drips and leaving the surrounding areas dry and free of cleaning fluid.

Other than windows, the Window Vac can also clean mirrors, shower areas, tiles, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, appliance doors, glass tables and many other household areas. It also works great on vehicle windows!

Please note that the Window Vac it is NOT designed to pick up large spills, harmful or caustic liquids, or solid matter.

Yes, the Window Vac is designed to be used with a wide variety of window cleaning solutions, just be sure the solution is non-caustic and does not contain bleach (you wouldn't want to use those chemicals in your home anyway, right?) However, we're partial to our Window Cleaner, because it helps keep your windows clean longer and it smells great! 

The Window Vac uses an advanced rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is designed to last the lifetime of the product, so it never needs to be changed. 

The WV1 Window Vac is very light, weighing in just a little over a pound! (1.1 lbs) This makes it easy for users of all ages to hold and operate.

The Window Vac provides 20+ minutes of continuous cleaning time after each full charge. That is more than sufficient to clean the windows in an average size home.

Kärcher invented the Window Vac in Germany and initially launched it in Europe, where millions of units were sold. When we first launched the Window Vac in North America it was called the WV50 PowerSqueegee, but is now called "Window Vac" so that it has the same product name worldwide.

Currently we only offer the WV1 Window Vac model in the US. Other models will be added to this page if/when they become available in the US.

The WV 1 Window Vac is made in our plant in Italy.

Why Kärcher?

German Engineering. Quality Tested.

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