Eating outdoors, sunbathing or simply sitting together quietly – for many people, a wooden patio is like a second living room during the warm months. To really enjoy the hours spent out there, the surface and surrounding area need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Experts recommend cleaning the wooden surface twice a year – in spring and autumn. Once this is done, the patio will look like new.

Cleaning a wooden terrace with the patio cleaner PCL 4

The correct way to clean wooden patios

Wooden patios should be cleaned regularly. There are several reasons for this:

  • Greying is eliminated or reduced
  • The patio retains its decorative appearance
  • Green growth such as moss is removed
  • The wood does not become slippery
  • Scattered dirt does not create wet/damp areas
  • Aggressive fungi cannot spread

Depending on the type (hardwood or softwood), wood can be sensitive to powerful mechanical processes, which means the cleaning method and equipment should be chosen carefully. To make sure that you have chosen the right method, it is advisable to carry out an initial test on an area that is hidden from view.

Dirty wooden patio
Cleaning with the PCL 4

Uniform and efficient cleaning with the PCL 4

Manual patio cleaning is particularly easy with the electrically-powered PCL 4 patio cleaner. Two rotating brushes and integrated water distribution remove even the most stubborn dirt effortlessly, thoroughly and evenly.

The device simply needs to be connected to a garden hose and the low-pressure, gentle cleaning of the patio can begin. Above the two electrically-driven roller brushes are two water nozzles, which remove and wash away the dirt in a single step without having to apply pressure. The water supply can be manually adjusted via a valve to reduce water consumption. As the powerful motor is fixed in the centre of the machine and the brushes can reach right up to corners and edges, dirt along house walls, for example, can be removed easily.

With its replaceable brushes, the PCL 4 is suitable for both wooden and stone surfaces.

Step by step to a clean patio

Connecting PCL 4 to water and power supply

Set up the device

Before cleaning can begin, the PCL 4 must be connected to the water and power supply.

Open water supply

Open the water supply

Next, the water supply can be opened and regulated as necessary via the valve on the spray gun.

Cleaning evenly

Clean evenly

To start cleaning, press down the spray gun and move the PCL 4 evenly in strips across the surface.

Removing and rinsing dirt

Remove and rinse

Dirt is removed by the roller brushes that rotate backwards and then washed away directly by the water stream. With the motor fixed in the centre of the machine, it is possible to clean right up to the edge of the patio.

Replacing roller brushes

Replace the roller brushes

The roller brushes can be replaced simply and without tools. To clean stone patios, replace the standard brushes with special roller brushes designed for stone.

Storage of the PCL 4

Set down the device

The PCL 4 features a storage rest on which the device can be placed when taking a break from work. Simply tilt it forwards slightly and lean it against a wall – this preserves the roller bristles.

Patio cleaning with the pressure washer

Apply detergent

Step 1: Apply detergent

Coarse dirt on patios can be removed particularly efficiently if a wood detergent is first applied to the surface using the pressure washer, e.g. the Vario Power spray lance. The Wood Cleaner 3-in-1 not only cleans thoroughly, but also provides UV protection as well as a natural wax component that preserves the wood and protects against dirt and moisture. Cover the surface evenly with foam and allow the detergent to work for two to five minutes.

Scrub the patio

Step 2: Scrub the patio

To clean the patio thoroughly, first remove the flat jet nozzle and attach the power scrubber to the pressure washer. The use of the scrubber is particularly advisable on wooden patios, as the fine bristles can reach into the grooves on the surface. The brush also contains three high-pressure nozzles, which increase the cleaning performance of the scrubber considerably. Now move the power scrubber forwards and backwards while continuously adding water. Always scrub in the direction of the grain, i.e. along the length of the wood and not across it.

Re-apply detergent

Step 3: Re-apply detergent

For protection that lasts longer, the Wood Cleaner 3-in-1 can be re-applied. To do so, re-attach the spray lance to the pressure washer, apply the detergent evenly to the wooden surface with the flat jet nozzle and leave it to work (see step 1).

Rinse down the patio

Step 4: Rinse down the patio

Finally, rinse down the wooden patio with the flat jet nozzle in the direction of the grain. When cleaning wooden patios, only work with the flat jet nozzle, as point jets or dirt blasters apply greater pressure to the wood and could cause damage. Maintain a distance of 30 centimetres from the floor surface to achieve the ideal rinsing effect. Then allow the patio to dry.

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