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Experience exciting stories with Kärcher from digital manufacturing, to cleaning at the Jungfraujoch in the Swiss Alps and handy houshold cleaning tips. difference aims to show you how we make a difference – with our cleaning solutions and beyond. Join us on our journey through the world of Kärcher.

Kärcher takes a holistic approach to sustainable packaging

Packaging that protects the product and the planet

High-quality packaging ensures our products reach customers safely. Here at Kärcher, however, it's not enough that our packaging just be strong – we believe it should also save resources and be sustainable. And we are working hard to ensure this is the case.

Kärcher Cleaning study 2023

International Kärcher Cleaning Study 2023

We asked over 6,000 people around the world about their cleaning habits and gained some exciting insights. The topic of cleaning evokes a wide range of feelings in households around the world and sustainability is a global priority.

Flat lay of three Kärcher difference Magazine covers

difference – The Kärcher Magazine

difference aims to show you how we make a difference – with our cleaning solutions and beyond. Join us on our journey through the world of Kärcher.

Fast game, speedy cleaning

A dazzling display on center court

The Swiss Indoors Basel is the third largest arena tennis tournament in the world. On the legendary Center Court of the St. Jakob Arena, elite athletes put on a world-class display of their prowess. Shot for shot, the court maintenance team makes sure the playing surface is spick and span, so that matches are safe and fair.

A rooftop in Dubai covered with solar panels.

Under the Dubai Sun

Whilst many nations are still searching for alternative energy options, those in the Middle East are striving to make the most of one particular resource that they have an abundance of: the sun. It provides more energy than is needed. For solar power expert Thibaud Duchateau, the sun is the key to clean energy for the future and thus a more habitable world for the generations to come.


Who says ergonomics can't be cool?

Remember the days when people used to carry a ghetto blaster around on their shoulder? It certainly didn’t do their backs any favours. A poor ergonomist would solve the problem with a trolley, whilst a good ergonomist would invent the Walkman. This simple example demonstrates that, in an ideal scenario, ergonomics places the person and their needs front and centre – it’s a fascinating branch of science that Kärcher attaches much importance to when developing all its products.

Finally swapping buckets for schoolbooks

Finally swapping buckets for schoolbooks

Through the "Clean Water for the World" initiative, the Global Nature Fund and Kärcher have pledged their commitment to improving water quality in emerging and developing nations. The objective: Address the topic of water in a holistic way. At a school in the East African nation of Burundi, a Kärcher water treatment product is now being put into action for the first time.

Picture shows a reverse graffiti art projekt by German artist Klaus Dauven on a dam wall in Vouglans, France.

An unparalleled art project

Large formats have always appealed to German artist Klaus Dauven. In France, he is currently conjuring up a woodland silhouette on a gigantic dam run by the French energy company Électricité de France. Instead of using paints and brushes, he creates his artworks by removing the layers of algae and moss formed by nature itself.

Abstract illustration for the topic A (mostly) invisible marvel - Nothing but hot air? A few fun facts – and more

A (mostly) invisible marvel

Earth is the only known planet in the universe that has an atmosphere containing oxygen. Oxygen has always been one of the essential requirements for every type of life. Today, the quality of the air we breathe has become a universal issue because it is partly in jeopardy – depending on where we live. So there is much to learn and do when it comes to the marvel of air.

Aerial view of Bocas del Carare a small fisher village in Colombia

Visit to the village of hope

After a long and difficult past, the small Colombian village of Bocas del Carare now finds itself on its own unique path to the future – green, modern and in harmony with nature.

Abstract illustration for the topic plastic through the ages

Plastic through the ages

Nowadays plastic is facing some criticism, but many applications are simply not feasible without the material. And various alternatives that claim to be sustainable have an impact on the environment in other ways. Following the trail of a much-discussed material.

Abstract illustrations for topic when soap dispensers schedule operations

When soap dispensers schedule operations

Cleanliness is currently very important, and at the same time in many places there is a lack of cleaning personnel. The key to success is efficiency, even in the cleaning sector. How the use of sensors is leading to chatty soap dispensers, what artificial intelligence (AI) can do for work scheduling, and how cleaners get their jobs via their smartphones in real time.

A woman with the WOW factor - Kärcher employee Vanessa Helpert

Petrol running through her veins

Riding across the terrain at more than 50 hp, you would cut a very athletic figure. But it takes much more than that to race over hills and tackle steep curves on a motocross bike like Kärcher employee Vanessa Helpert: with a great deal of discipline, skill and perseverance, the enthusiastic motorcyclist has been doing laps on the racetrack since the age of three.

Mahout Somchat Changkarn and baby elephant Moonbeam

The elephant whisperer

Somchat Changkarn and his charges can communicate without words – this mahout can tell how the animals are feeling by their body language. He spends up to 12 hours per day with the pachyderms at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center.

Illustration Battery Technology

A look at the future of mobile energy storage

Mobile energy storage has already provided new opportunities in all areas of life – from mobile phones to electric vehicles. So let’s take a quick journey through the rapid development of lithium-ion technology, look at upcoming trends and ask whether trainers really need lights.

Illustration manufacturing of the future

Everything is connected

Digitalisation, artificial intelligence and robotics: technology mega trends are driving huge disruption to the world of manufacturing across the planet. Humans, machines and processes are becoming ever more closely interwoven as we strive to improve productivity. Nobody knows exactly where we are heading – but the journey is certainly an exciting one!

Cleaning with the Kärcher FC 3 Cordless

Kärcher Study 2019: Cleaning helps combat daily stress

We asked over 11,000 people worldwide about their cleaning habits and discovered astonishing information. In our cleaning study we describe how cleaning helps combat daily stress and reveal which country spends the longest time cleaning.

production of detergents at Kärcher

Sustainable detergents: From the concept through to series production

Today detergents must meet many requirements. Ecologically sustainable process solutions are becoming increasingly important. Kärcher faces this challenge in the new chemical and test laboratories at the site in Winnenden. An overview of the development of sustainable detergents.

A life for the big catch

A life for the big catch

Each day fishermen sail out from the harbour in the small Scottish village of Pittenweem on the Firth of Forth estuary on the North Sea coast and catch lobsters and brown crabs. The work is hard, but nobody here would change it for the world.

Two worlds, one goal

Two worlds, one goal: perfection

It is hard to imagine everyday life without many Kärcher products, especially for workshops. Using the example of a construction site, we show where reliable cleaning technology matters and why, at the same time, the focus is on occupational safety and the protection of health.

Let ideas take flights

Let ideas take flights without losing touch

On the one hand big companies that are active all around the globe. On the other hand young start-ups. It is a known fact that these two worlds can work very productively together and create innovations. It is also about bridging major differences.

On the track of a Swabian speciality

On the track of a Swabian speciality

The Maultasche (Swabian ravioli) and Kärcher have one thing in common: they both hail from Swabia and can be found all over the world. Like Kärcher products, these delicacies wrapped in dough are popular around the globe: from sambusas in Africa and wontons in Asia to empanadas in South America. Join us for a brief journey.


Queen of the Wine Cellar

Since the Middle Ages, vines for premium red wines have been ripening on the slopes of the La Braccesca vineyard under the blazing Italian sun, which was in ample supply last summer. Today, the grapes mature under the watchful eye of oenologist Fiamma Cecchieri, who always has plenty to do at the winery.

Microplastics in water

Clean water is the basis of life

Nowadays, the responsible use of resources is an important issue across society – from local municipalities and companies to private households. One of the most valuable raw materials is water. The aim here is to reduce consumption, treat and recycle waste water as much as possible and avoid contamination. One of the major challenges, both now and for the future, is microplastics.


It climbs steeply!

The new Swiss funicular to Stoos is the steepest funicular in the world and runs day in day out from the valley community of Schwyz right up to the center of the mountain village of Stoos. Two chairlifts continue onwards to the Fronalpstock peak with breathtaking views over Lake Lucerne. The operating staff, under Gregor Annen, ensure that all passengers can enjoy uninterrupted alpine views.


Feeling comfortable when travelling – who does the cleaning?

When planning a big trip, a number of personal factors play a role in the search for the right destination and the preferred modes of transport. But, you rarely consider how many people are working in the background to keep the processes running smoothly.


What cleanliness means for travellers and hosts

After a long flight or a strenuous car journey you look forward to arriving at your destination – and here it makes hardly any difference whether it is a hotel, camping site or holiday flat. However, apart from the view, leisure activities and weather, how important is it to find a well-kept, clean environment?

Hongqiao full 2

Extreme travelling

With around 219 million passengers every year, the Shanghai Hongqiao train station in eastern China is one of the largest train stations in the world. It resembles a labyrinth, the secrets of which only a few people know – Zhu Hongyan is one of them.

differnce Award_Clubreinigung_Titelbild

The "crime scene cleaner" in the music world

In the short film "A Rock ‘n‘ Roll Story" the hero is not some singer of a band, but the man who cleans up everything the day after the concert. Max Friedrich cleaned a club in Berlin for a long time – and witnessed and found many things in the process.

difference Award_Plakatwerbung_Titelbild

Stuck to the Munich underworld

Nobody knows the underground stations in Munich as well as Klaus Merkel. And this knowledge will also stay in the family for a while because his son Alexander has taken over the advertising company.


"Spiros has a perfect work-life balance"

Philip Chrobot is studying at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy – and has won the Kärcher difference Award, now presented for the first time. His inspirational short film "Spiros – Rent A Boat" gives insights into the life and working world of the 58-year-old boat renter Spiros Bardis on the Greek island of Corfu. In this interview, Chrobot speaks about the filming and the competition.



Road Trains

They are as much a part of Australia as kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef: road trains supply remote areas with goods of all kinds. At over 50 metres long and weighing 130 tonnes, they are the kings of the road. But these giants spend their days exposed to extreme temperatures and aggressive dirt. A normal wash system simply wouldn’t be able to cope.


From ultra-high-pressure to dry ice

Different challenges are in the foreground across all industries when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning methods and appliances vary accordingly. An overview.



After the Antarctic and the Arctic, the glaciers in the high mountains of Asia are the third largest store of fresh water on the planet. Their meltwater fills the continent’s major rivers and supplies drinking water for billions of people. Due to their high altitude, these areas are particularly affected by climate change. The consequences for the region are fatal, with the threat of avalanches, floods and, in the long term, a significant shortage of water. Geologists use high-pressure cleaners as drills to penetrate deep layers of ice.


Insights into a good life

Family and friends, education, health and prosperity: in its study of 155 countries, the World Happiness Report indicates that discrepancies in these areas significantly influence our feelings of happiness. The PNAS* study “Buying time promotes happiness”, meanwhile, draws attention to an additional factor that has previously remained hidden: time. Because only those who have time are able to spend it doing things that make them happy. Of course, it is up to each individual to decide whether to treat themselves to a babysitter, a cleaner or special equipment to make housework and gardening quick and easy.


On the Hunt for Dirt

What is dust actually made of? What exactly is the difference between cleaning and tidying up? And what’s the most effective way to clean your home? We take a closer look and uncover the secrets of a squeaky-clean apartment.


From advertising specialist to "steeplejack"

School grades and interest were a barriers to the initially planned degree in electrical engineering, so Ulrich Sukup chose Media Psychology and started his career as an advertiser for a large agency. Why he was missing a "purpose in life" and how he ended up in the airy heights of the Vierungsturm of the Votivkirche church in Vienna in order to carry out cleaning work – an exciting tale.

cleaning study thumbnail

"Everyone likes it clean"

The world has one thing in common as far as cleaning is concerned: a clean home is important or very important to almost everyone. This shows that household cleaning, whether regularly or irregularly, is simply part of life. But what precisely is behind all this? Who spends the most time cleaning and what aids are used most frequently for cleaning?


No more cleaning ever again?

Robot vacuum cleaners have long since become a modern-day reality and networked cleaning systems are becoming established in the building service contractor market. But how will it continue?


Reaching for the sky

Many people aim to reach for the sky in life, but only few follow the path being trodden by Murezi Casanova. At the Benedictine Monastery in Disentis, Switzerland, the novice and trained landscape gardener takes care of the greenery and monastery garden, and will soon add the salvation of his fellow human beings to his list of duties.

Distribution of water hyacinths

Clean water through the power of plants

Felipe Valderrama is a very busy man. The Colombian works for the non-governmental organisation Fundación Humedales, which, among other things, is committed to providing clean water in remote areas of Colombia. And he is the one who makes it possible.


Mud, sweat & high pressure

9,000 kilometres, a lot of desert soil almost impassable, and only one goal in mind. Each and every year, it is fascinating to see how the drivers in the Dakar Rally deal with the distance. While they are on their own between stages,The whole spectacle is by no means a one-man operation, though. A look behind the curtains...

Spiegel wir festgemacht

Telescope cleaning at the Stuttgart Observatory

Ulrich Teufel, engineer and passionate amateur astronomer, loved to gaze at the stars through the attic window of his bedroom as a boy, which is why he joined the society that looks after and maintains the observatory early on. He was no longer able to see through the dirty telescope. So he took the initiative: "Today we are going to start cleaning the telescope mirror," says Teufel. And what sounds like a simple task proves to be somewhat more challenging.

Christmas FC 5

Who is going to clean it all up?

If Santa is not careful, he will also bring dirt into the house as well as presents. We offer practical tips on how to remove this dirt quickly. We will also provide an insight into how Christmas is celebrated around the world – by looking at different Christmas customs and traditions.


Nature as the Artist

Sparkling ice needles, glinting wafts of mist, white hoarfrost – nature is full of fascinating phenomena. Thomas Rappaport is an artist with an eye for them. In his project "giSCHt – melting sculptures" he artistically accompanies a cherry tree on its terminal way. After 80 years of blossoming, coming to red rich fruition, giving shade und being part of the all-terrain microclimate, the artist creates a unique portrait of the tree.


Sarah's Quest for Clean Water

In order to make polluted water potable, people in Kenya often boil it – this requires a lot of firewood. This need contributes to the increasing rate of deforestation, which leads to an increase in CO2 emissions. A climate protection project in Kenya is trying to counter this. The project involves distributing water filters to households.

Funktion Kl

How does a pressure washer work?

Anyone who has used a pressure washer before knows that cleaning outdoors can be a lot of fun. They can be used to clean practically everything on or around the house in next to no time. But how does a pressure washer actually work? And how is it made? Take a look inside the cleaning machine and come with us on a journey to the Kärcher factory in the Swabian town of Obersontheim, where we make our K 7 Full Control pressure washer.


Jungfraujoch in the Swiss Alps: right at the top

Up to 5,000 tourists visit the Jungfraujoch in the Bernese Oberland every day – and bring a lot of dirt along with them. The workers on the Jungfraubahn railway use Kärcher cleaning appliances to clean the trains and buildings daily for their guests.