Hospital Cleaning Solutions

The successful day-to-day operations of a busy hospital are linked with cleanliness and efficiency. Maintaining hygiene and increasing patient satisfaction while keeping costs low can be difficult. Kärcher has the solution to help you work productively and effectively while reducing HAIs and increasing your HCAHPS scores. With innovative products, resourceful technologies, and complete system solutions, Kärcher provides increased efficiencies for your facility. Our industry expertise, inventive equipment, and professional service equals results.


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Complete Cleaning Solutions For All Areas Of Your Facility

With Kärcher in your corner, every nook and cranny can be cleaned with ease and efficiency. Cleaning and disinfection is our specialty, we've developed a hospital-grade misting system specifically for high-touch points in all areas of your facility. Keep your staff and patients safe from HAIs with effective infection prevention and control.

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Popular Equipment For Cleaning Hospitals

Recommended Detergent

Cleaning Solutions For Every Area

Cleaning hospital with vacuum cleaner

Cleaning Hospitals Lobbies

Hospital floor cleaner

Hospital Administrative Offices & Restrooms

Cleaning hospital corridor and waiting area with walk-behind scrubber

Cleaning Hospital Corridors & Waiting Areas

Cleaning patient room in hospital

Cleaning Hospital Patient Rooms

Hospital operating room

Keep Operating Rooms & Emergency Rooms Clean

Hospital Cafeteria

Clean Hospital Cafeteria and Kitchens More Efficiently

Hospital exterior

Hospital Exteriors and Loading Docks