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Success through partnership. Building Service Contractors are faced with tough challenges. With increased competition and tighter margins, we can help you find your competitive edge.

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Cleaning Solutions For Every Area of the Facility

Airport Cleaning

Airports are a bustling environment with various floor surfaces that needs to be cleaned constantly. Airport cleaning is an area of expertise for us. We understand that cleaning in an airport is a challenge – and our easy-to-use and high quality equipment was made for the job. Combined with your experience, we’d be the perfect team. Many of our machines are LEED qualified, CRI approved, and our chemicals contain zero phosphates.


Cleaning in Schools and Universities

Education is the most important raw material for the future. The quality of education and training increasingly determines the competitiveness and general prosperity of states and each child. Consequently, substantial sums of money are invested in educational facilities and their operation. In order to secure these investments and achieve a positive learning environment, these facilities require continuous maintenance using professional cleaning technology. The Kärcher system offers convincing solutions for any cleaning task in public educational facilities: perfectly-tailored machines, accessories and cleaning detergents. They are powerful, efficient and cost-effective thanks to innovative technology, low consumption and durability.

School classroom being cleaned by Karcher floor machine

Cleaning Offices

Carpets and hard floors in office buildings are subject to heavy traffic everyday. Kärcher extractors, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers have been proving their worth for decades. These robust, powerful and versatile machines are designed for deep cleaning, intermediate cleaning and spot-cleaning carpets and for removing stains from textile surfaces.


Cleaning Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

The successful day-to-day operations of a busy hospital are linked with cleanliness and efficiency. Maintaining hygiene and increasing patient satisfaction while keeping costs low can be difficult. Kärcher has the solution to help you work productively and effectively while reducing HAIs and increasing your HCAHPS scores. With innovative products, resourceful technologies, and complete system solutions, Kärcher provides increased efficiencies for your facility. Our industry expertise, inventive equipment, and professional service equals results.


Cleaning Solutions for Shopping Malls

With hundreds of daily visitors interested in shopping, dining, and entertainment, effective floor cleaning is essential to creating a positive atmosphere. In malls, slippery floors, spills, and obstacles in walkways can cause issues for your visitors. Kärcher is invested in helping you clean efficiently, productively, and safely.

The customer always comes first, and they expect hygiene standards to be high and in all areas, at all times. Cleaning systems for customer areas must therefore have certain characteristics. They have to be discreet and quiet, easy to transport, ergonomically designed and usable even in small spaces. The combined qualities of Kärcher's cleaning machines ensure that every job is easy to complete.


Cleaning for Retail Locations

The application of comprehensive hygiene and cleaning concepts is one of the keys to success in retail. Visible cleanliness and tidiness are valued highly by customers and, whether they know it or not, play an important role when making that final purchase decision. Kärcher offers suitable, efficient and cost-effective cleaning solutions for all work areas and floor coverings: the Kärcher system – a range of perfectly-tailored machines, accessories and cleaning agents. Our system is professionally enhanced by a range of modern services – from leasing/financing, servicing and repair to a comprehensive cleaning management service – thus ensuring appropriate levels of cleanliness and compliance with hygiene standards. Kärcher, the world's market leader for cleaning systems.