Roller brush 500 soft

Soft brush attachment for use with hydraulic drive (4.762-584.0). Ideal for glass and solar power installation cleaning. Easy quick-change system and secure mounting on drive.

Features and benefits
Streak-free cleaning close to the edge
  • Bristles at the side as damping protection and for cleaning close to the edge.
  • Streak-free cleaning results thanks to diagonal bristles in the middle of the brush.
Intuitive colour coding
  • Colour coding facilitates the selection of the appropriate brush attachment.
Quick-change mechanism
  • Quick brush replacement for simple adaptation to the cleaning task.

Technical data

Inlet temperature (°C) 40
Colour blue
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 1,7
Application areas
  • For cleaning sensitive façades with glass, PVC or painted surfaces
  • For cleaning solar power installations, surfaces made of (Plexi) glass and conservatories