Pipe cleaning nozzle

Pipe cleaning nozzle with inner thread. Different spray directions. The hose moves freely through the pipe. (R 1/8" connection, 3 x 30° backwards, diameter 30 mm.)

Pipe cleaning nozzle with internal thread, 30 mm diameter. Nozzle has different jet directions for environmentally-friendly cleaning of blocked drains and pipes. The three nozzle jets are tilted back at a 30° angle to allow the nozzle and hose to move freely through the pipe. Pipe cleaning nozzle with R 1/8" connection for connecting to pipe cleaning hose.

Features and benefits
Three backward-facing jets ensure optimum propulsion
  • Nozzle and pipe cleaning hose move automatically inside the pipe.
Connection: 1/8"
  • Compatible with pipe cleaning hoses.
Outer diameter: 30 mm
  • Suitable for pipes with an inner diameter from 40 mm.

Technical data

Diameter (mm) 30
Nozzle size 50
Screw thread R 1/8"
Connection thread M22 x 1.5
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,1